Hold A WOW Party This Week!

A WOW Party (within one week) is an awesome way to boost sales during a bookings drought!

The advantage of a WOW Party is that everyone already knows what they are doing a week out. So it is simple!

Deb always used practice shows as a WOW party.  A WOW Party is a party that is held within one week!

A WOW Party – Shared By Dawn Mulvey

Wow PartyA little about me: I’ve been married to a very supporting husband for 15 years, have two grown children and two amazing granddaughters.

Before Celebrating Home I was a waitress for the majority of my life and then went into the medical billing field (being stuck at a desk is NOT for me).

I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, fishing, camping and really just being outdoors.

I have been with Celebrating Home almost 6 years and it is now my full time career.

WOW Parties = Within One Week

Let me start by saying: It is very hard for me to get out of my own way or out of my comfort zone. I am always afraid of sounding-(well you know) PUSHY!

What I have learned is offering someone something is just that-some will say no, some will say YES!
dawn mulvey
One day when I was at a show I had a guest who already said she wanted to book a party.

Now I knew that I had a date in mind, but it was only a week away. When my guest came up to place her order with me, this is the conversation we had:

Me: Hey Sue, let’s pick your date! I have June 8 or June 10 available

Sue: That’s next week?? I was thinking maybe in August.

Me: I know it’s soon but your friends and family already know what they have planned next week. All you’ll have to do is call and invite them! Just let them know you’re having a Dinner & Dessert party and would love if they could join you. I’ll bring the dinner & dessert and we’ll have a great night!

Sue: You’re right! Let’s do the 8th!!

Back then I would have just taken what she was offering to host a party but I was in a contest with my company and really needed to book in close to fill my calendar. By booking in close it allows me to control my calendar and know when I’m working. It doesn’t always happen like this but if I don’t ask or offer the answer is always NO.

Tips for booking WOW Parties:

  • Let your excitement show
  • Know your available dates
  • Offer a special gift for booking a WOW show
  • Remind them how easy and fun it will be
  • Give them the words to say to their guests

The WOW Party is now added to the list of creative direct sales bookings ideas!

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