Testimonials & Home Based Business Success Stories

Testimonials From Industry Professionals

Nicki Keohohou
Thanks for all you do for the direct sales industry. Your insight is valuable and your energy and contributions are inspiring! (February 2014)
Nicki Keohohou, Direct Selling World Alliance co-founder

Steve Wiltshire
Deb, I acknowledge you for the amazing work you do in our industry. You’re AMAZING! (December 2013)
Steve Wiltshire, LifeLine Coaching & Education

Kathleen Ronald, Speaktacular (April 2011)

Direct Seller Support Team
The Direct Seller Support Team thinks Deb’s training is so important we link to her website on our website and promote it to our customers.

Deb’s training is not an expense, it’s an investment, just as we feel our software for accounting and customer relationship management is an investment – Thanks (April 2014)

Grace Keohohou
Deb gives specific ideas that we can apply immediately for greater success in home based businesses. I appreciate her teaching style and wealth of knowledge.

I encourage you to listen and read her material – I have and it has made a positive difference. Her programs are real action systems that work for any product line! (Jan 2010)

Grace Keohohou, Direct Selling World Alliance co-founder

Belinda Fuchs, Own Your MoneyApril 2010

Brian Shoff
Deb’s business system is simple, like most great ideas are. It provides a road map that anyone can use to increase their show average. You know your product inside and out, but the Create A Cash Flow Show gives you the other piece you need for success – a repeatable system to achieve business success. (March 2007)
Brian Shoff, Shoffy Marketing, York PA

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1:1 Coaching Clients

Deb provides private coaching and mentoring at your convenience in topics and time schedules to match your situation. Whether it be growing a team, bookings or how to start your own party plan – direct sales business, Deb is the coach for you.

Edna Boehm Smith
Hey Deb! I want to give ya a big ole THANK YOU for the coaching I did with you on having successful vendor events! Because of your training I walked away from my show today with 9 qualified, good leads, booked a party, and took some cash home in my pocket! I felt more empowered and confident at my show than I ever have and it paid off! 😀 (October 2016)
Edna Boehm Smith, SuperStar Consultant, Scentsy Family

Lettie Brewer
I just wanted to say that I love talking to you. I love that you got me started on a business adventure rather than a comfort zone issue all the time. I did something out of “my comfort” zone today and owe it all to you, Deb – I was able to do this.

I found out that even with a no not right now answer, that it was ok – I survived and made a wonderful contact. Someone that I can talk to in the future. Thank you Deb Bixler for ALL your guidance!!! (July 2016)

Lettie Brewer, Princess House

Kristen McGee
I had a call with Deb Bixler & we talked about my mantras for the strong, motivated women who were joining my team.

She totally called me out for not including half of the population in my mantra (true dat). So I shifted in my mind (I don’t even know why I was there in my mind to begin with, but whatever, I was). And I have an incredible influential and amazing man (the broker of the real estate company my husband works for) who is VERY interested. Deb, thanks. I have wanted this guy to join for a while, and have joked about it, but the mind shift made the joke become reality. I am chuckling. And will continue to do so. And man… watch out, world. When this guy joins, we are gonna take over the world! 🙂 (November 2016)

Kristen McGee, Senior Executive Sales Leader, Norwex

Ivy Nelson
Deb – I just made 7 Customer Service calls! All voicemails, BUT I did it! Rinse & Repeat tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiring call yesterday. I can do this. I have what it takes 🙂 (August 2016)
Ivy Nelson, Founder at Inspired Ivy

The Cash Flow Show Party Plan System

The premier product on the site the Cash Flow Show party plan training program is all about making your home parties the best in town!

Karlene Robertson
Hi Deb!!

Your training has me so excited about the future of my business!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found your training! I just purchased it this past week and have already implemented some of the things from the first two trainings.

What sets your training apart from others that I have listened to is that you share what we should do step by step and tell us a specific result that we will see when we do that step. I have found other trainings to be vague about what to do and why. You are very specific and detailed with the what and the why.

I have spent much of the day today getting the CASH part of my system in place. I reorganized my desktop so that everything I need for each step of Hostess Coaching is all in the same place, so all I have to do is go right to that folder and send out the email in it and use the phone script in it and send out the postcard in it. This is going to be amazingly efficient. I can’t thank you enough!!

This is a game changer for me. I can’t wait to see where my business goes from here!

Thanks for all of the help that your training provides!(May 2015)

Karlene Robertson, Independent Sales Consultant, Norwex

Toylene Davis
Deb, I love the no fluff, real actions to dig in in your Cash Flow Show training. I’ve been moving through the them an hour a day and I’m sooooooooo glad I purchased them.

They are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have found that most direct sales companies will tell you how great their products are, and why you sign on with them, and why you should buy huge amounts of inventory. However, in my opinion, there is not as much effort put into how to market and manage your new business.

The Cash flow Show is the missing link. It’s info that I believe could create greater retention and success stories in this industry. Being a person who likes knowing the details of any project I’m involved in, I really appreciate your step by step teaching style. Keep up the good work. A lot of people need what you have to offer! (April 2013)

Toylene Davis, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Brenda Smith
Hey Deb Bixler, The Cash Flow Show training set was the first full set of training I ever purchased! I listened to those CD’s over and over as I drove from home visit to home visit on my “real job” as a social worker.

I was so inspired by your story of replacing your fulltime job with your direct sales job that I went for it too and like you It took me about 10 months, but I did it!

I use a LOT Of your ideas in my parties, recruiting, and team training. systems systems systems…SUCH good advice! I talk about it a lot with my team! I got that from you!

Thank you thank you! I am earning twice as much as I did with my other job and lots more fun and freedom. (August 2014)

Brenda Smith, Clever Container

Sharon always dreamed of staying home with her kids! (September 2014)

The Power Up For Professional Results Program

The Power UP For Professional Results training teaches professionalism. Treat your business like a professional and you will get a professional income!
Tiffany Ingram
I learned so much from Deb’s free videos and radio shows that I didn’t mind investing money for more in depth training…. After listening to only the first two recordings I immediately found new enthusiasm for myself and my team. (July 2016)
Tiffany Ingram, Avon Independent Sales Consultant

Sue Burris
All of the CDs in the Power UP program have exceeded my expectations thus far. So many tips and ideas that I honestly had not thought of…… especially your training on Vendor Events!

One of my favorites. I love the Ten Second Rule and qualifying the leads. I have done so many vendor events in the past and would come home with TONS of unqualified leads, so your tips are making my vendor events and follow-up all that more productive! Thanks for that! (October 2013)

Sue Burris, Paperly Consultant

Stella Roqueblave
I needed to get my business started AGAIN and needed to have concrete tips, strategies, and a system that would generate leads, customers, and recruits. That is exactly what I found on the Cash Flow Show Power program!

I love that Deb Bixler provides concrete easy steps and takes the mystery out of running a home party business. She makes it so everyone with the right motivation can take action and be successful. I love that she states that there is unlimited business out there for us. I say this to myself everyday to keep me going. (August 2013)

Stella Roqueblave, Independent Consultant for NYR Organic

The Whole Shebang

When you order the Whole Shebang, you get both the CACFS and PU programs!

Peggy Hoffert
Deb “tells it like it is.”

Her training is credible and the customer service is awesome. Deb is a veteran direct seller and we can all learn and get results from her tips and tricks. (January 2015)

Peggy Hoffert, Miche Bags

I have been using Xango’s Mangosteen juice for about 9 years and it changed my life. I tried to market the product by buying leads and making phone calls. I HATED it with a PASSION!!!

I decided to do home parties and had NO IDEA where to start or what to do. I wanted to do Xango home parties and market the PRODUCTS for the value of the PRODUCTS and NOT to just market the OPPORTUNITY like everyone else.

Your download version of the Whole Shebang program is the difference between LIFE and DEATH for me. Saying THANK YOU doesn’t start to express my feelings to you for your help. (April 2014)

Bernard Walborn, Xango

I love this video sent to me by Jenny of Avon! Normally she is the bashful type so this is impressive!! Thanks! (June 2013)

Mireya Melendez
Deb, I just want to add a testimonial about how much success I have had with your systems CCFS and Power Up.

I would love everyone I know to try your home party plan systems because they really work! I recently started with BeautiControl and I had applied everything you had taught me since day one. I am amazed the big difference it had made in my new business. Sales a great and I had kept my calendar busy just by following your systems. I wish I would had known these direct sales systems 3 years ago when I started in the direct selling. Thank you for your one on one support. And you are right about this systems fail not people. If you find a system that works then apply it every time you have a chance. (Dec 2007)

Mireya Melendez, River Ridge, LA Image Spa Consultant, BeautiControl

Graduates Of The Direct Sales Recruiting University

The Direct Sales Recruiting University is a comprehensive training program that teaches your team how to become recruiters and teaches your leaders how to teach recruiting.

Direct Sales Recruiting University graduates have said …

Teresa Douglas
I love the DSRU classes!

I have enjoyed all the webinars and have learned so many ACTION steps my business is on a new path! This has turned my business around and renewed my faith in achieving my goals!

Teresa Douglas, Make Today Matter

Cricket Lott
I am ecstatic. This is exactly the format I have been looking for, for two years. The words. Not just generalities, the actual words that should come out of my mouth.Can’t think of anything that could be better. I was surprised and pleased to get a personal response from Deb and am sharing with my whole team the powerful information.
Cricket Lott, Young Living Essential Oils

Jennifer Voss
Fifteen leaders and top performers from my Thirty-One team just completed Deb’s Direct Sales Recruiting University, and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Everyone has expressed a renewed interested in recruiting and moving up the career path, and it has ignited a spark in my team I have never seen before.

Thank you for providing this awesome training, Deb! (August 2013)

Jennifer Voss, Thirty-One Leader

Lisa Marie quit her full time job after she incorporated the Bookings University and the Direct Sales Recruiting University into her business. (October 2013)

The Cash Flow Show Club & Bookings U

The Cash Flow Show Club is an annual membership that provides you with all of the radio show downloads and the Direct Sales Bookings University.

Amy Masters
I was just on your webinar with you and Melanie Parker and it was amazing!

I’ve been in my business for just under 17 years and I have never been so excited and motivated with your ideas on the call…..to increase my business and grow my business tree. I’ve attended many training sessions, and seminars and been on many calls over the years, but this was by far the BEST!

You are incredible and I thank you again; I just joined the Club and I know your ideas will change my business. I could listen to you all day with your great ideas! (August 2014)

Amy Masters, Fifth Avenue Collection

Kristine Matthews
I enjoyed getting to hear your Cash Flow Show interview on The Mind Aware teleseminar. It was a great exposition of your philosophies and your home based business success story is very inspiring.

I purchased the Club and LOVE it! There are some awesome tools and strategies that I’ve been able to apply to my businesses immediately, and also in relationships. The website is a Disney World of info, accessible and well presented. (October 2012)

Kristine Matthews, Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator and doTERRA Independent Product Consultant

Claudine Colarusso
I was very happy I was able to listen to the Radio Show and Bookings University recordings at my own time frames. We had several in the program and the feedback from my team members has been all positive. I think it is very easy to access & have found a wealth of information. LOVE the training and at the right price…. Really Perfect! (September 2011)
Claudine Colarusso, Lia Sophia

Kathy Jenks
I loved the Cash Flow Show Club training by Deb Bixler. She is down to earth and real and the training is understandable.

It does not require buying more and more programs to get what she offers to implement. I am never disappointed as she over delivers every time. She has called me a couple of times to make sure I am satisfied and offer any assistance. She even gave me a phone number to call her. She did not hire someone else to call but took the time and effort to call herself. To me this meant a lot that she took a personal interest in her customers and is not to above me to call. She made me feel valued and that she really appreciated my business.

I think she is the best and I will continue to stay in the Club! (October 2012)

Kathy Jenks, KG Marketing Inc.

Words From Those At LIVE Events

The following are testimonials from attendees of live events both online and on location.

Nancy Bogart
Love the verbiage you share, Deb and the email templates really helps promote the call. I cannot wait for the next one.

I really think you have been a critical pivot point for me personally. I think I underestimated you, my friend. Your 2 calls have really shifted my thinking.

I am LOVING the series. We need to plan the next one on sponsoring and team building. I was thinking if we could plan them as we get closer to convention that would take some pressure and time off of my plate. A win win. (May 2015)

Nancy Bogart, C.E.O Jordan Essentials

Susan O'Brien
Hi Deb,

You were fabulous. You are such a gifted trainer. You were perfect for our group — you had just the right amount of humor, take action message and inspiration for our leaders’ event. Thank you! I am looking forward to working with you in the future! (January 2015)

Susan O'Brien, Founder, Pink Papaya

I know you did “draw” winners and I didn’t win a prize but I definitely won by being on the call. Thank you so much for inviting Deb on the call!! And thanks to Deb for accepting the invite!! (February 2015)
Kara, Director, Pink Papaya

This was PHENOMENAL training, thankful for DEB BIXLER! With Deb’s training 2015 is going to ROCK! (February 2015)
Shelley, Consultant, Pink Papaya

I love how Deb’s training is do-able, not some a bunch of stuff that is unreasonable and doesn’t seem do-able to the average person! (February 2015)
Paula, Consultant, Pink Papaya

Ahhhhh!!!!! My mindset has been changed! THANK YOU!!! My expectation was to SELL at Vendor Events! How encouraging to put the focus on LEADS instead! Totally gives me some relief as I felt as a failure over the holidays for not having good Sales! THANK YOU Susan for inviting Deb to do this series of trainings! (February 2015)
Janelle, Consultant, Pink Papaya

Nane Tolsen, Founder, For Ladies Only Parties (April 2009)

When we talked at the seminar, I was ~ 7,000 points away from level 3 of the incentive trip and I was having low home show averages the prior 6 weeks($400). Since then, my show average is up to $589 and I’ve had (close to) three $1,000 shows! 1 was $968, 1 was $1405 and my most recent was $1325. As soon as the $1325 show gets submitted, I’ll have earned level 3!

I jumped into your system of host coaching that you talked about and as you can see it paid off! I plan on implementing your method for 2009 CONSISTENTLY! That is the key, I know. Thanks so much for your help!
(Jan 2009)

Jody, Pampered Chef

As usual I got a lot of good inspiration from you thank you for coming to our regional training last night. Your message is inspiring. (Oct 2006)
Debbie Lewis Truit, Pampered Chef, Newark, DE

Lisa Wilbur & Lydia Mae, Avon (April 2011)

Thanks Deb for sharing your knowledge. This was my first live event and I learned a lot in one day. Great experience for any direct seller-new or old to the business. Very personal and direct. You are a great speaker. Thanks again! (Feb 2012)
Trisha Cross, Independent Consultant, Thirty-One Gifts, Stark, NH

Donna Carlton, Jordan Essentials Bath & Body (April 2011)

Even after more than 20 years in the industry I still took something from Deb’s seminar that I can incorporate into my business immediately. We all took away many “take action” new ideas from our training day. (March 2009)
Mary Kathryn Adams, NSL, Longaberger, Reading, PA

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More Home Based Business Success Stories

Sheila Boyd-Siek
Deb you are a model that we should all strive to emulate. You are positive and have a big heart. I really appreciate all you do in direct selling and life.(January 2017)
Sheila Boyd-Siek, Mary Kay

Anna DeZan Sampson
Deb Bixler has been my top Party Plan resource since beginning my Independent Consultant journey four years ago. Not only does her Radio Show help me discover new ways to work my business, but its presented in such a way that ANYONE can follow it!

Deb is kind and generous, and is always willing to offer fantastic advice. I highly recommend Deb Bixler – Party Plan Training and Cash Flow Radio! (May 2016)

Anna DeZan Sampson,
Silpada Designs

Terri Miller
Deb I got your CD on host coaching to $1000 show where you talk about catalog shows. Wow!!!! Game changer!! (January 2016)
Terri Miller, Premier Designs, Inc.

My show average has doubled since putting action into these things I learned on Create A Cash Flow Show. At first it seemed like to much work, then it just got really easy once the system was working for me instead of me working for it. (April 2006)
Alice Sukop, Dove Chocolate & Avon

Lori Dillard
I have bought books and audios that all give you the same run of the mill information – NOT Deb’s. Her items are FULL of information you can use to build a great business. I’m not buying from her, I’m investing with her! (November 2013)
Lori Dillard, Avon

Sometimes someone comes into your life that changes things for you like a wrecking ball. Deb has been that person for me! Thank you for changing my life! (Sept 2006)
Cheryl with the Pampered Chef, Scranton, PA

Rosalyn Bryan
One of the MANY things that I love about Deb is that she not only teaches how to build a relationship with our customers & potential recruits but she herself builds a relationship with us, her followers! No matter if it is on Facebook or e-mail, Deb is there to give us the resources & encouragement that we need! Thank you Deb for all that you & your team does for us !!! (May 2012)
Rosalyn Bryan, Wichita, KS

Juliene Bennett
The first time I heard Deb train, my reaction was “This is it… I’ve found home!” And trust me, I’ve been looking for training that I can personally relate to. I’ve told my team and my Manager about Deb’s training and what it’s doing for me. My Manager is looking into possibly inviting Deb to train at her Rally training. If that happens, there’s NO WAY my team will pass up the opportunity to attend our Rally!!! Great… I can’t believe Deb answered the phone herself the first time I called!
Juliene Bennett, Lia Sophia

Joan Skjelstad
I was surprised how quickly my purchase came and very surprised to hear your voice Deb when I called the day I ordered CACFS and was having trouble getting the online receipt. When I listen to the CD’s its like I know you. Thank you so much. (Oct 2010)
Joan Skjelstad, Independent Consultant–NORWEX

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