FLOW = More Sales At Party (#2)

This website was named after the Cash Flow Show acronym.

Each letter stands for a system that will create more sales at the party and a consistent cash flow in your home party business.

Both online and off, the Create A Cash Flow Show home party plan sales training program is a series of systems that are dedicated to making sure you make as much money as possible at every home show.Buy The Cash Flow Show System
It does not matter what company you are with or what products or services that you offer, the system will work for you like it has for countless others.

FLOW Represents Sales At Party

Cash Flow Show is an acronym that represents all the necessary systems to generate consistent cash flow in a party plan business.
Sales At Party
The FLOW part of the series is as follows:

  • F is for FUN! Fun is the single most important thing that must happen at your home party. If you as the consultant are not having fun, then it will be difficult for the host and guests to have fun.
  • L is for LOOK, LISTEN and LEARN: The party plan consultant must be organized so that you can relax, have fun and focus on looking at, participating with and listening to the words of your show guests so you can learn how to serve their needs.
  • O is for ORGANIZATION: Do you have a plan for your show? It is very hard to relax, have fun, look and listen to your guests if you are concentrating on not forgetting what comes next. A show plan or script does not mean you are following rules. It just gives you a routine to allow you to relax and become part of the “party.”
  • W is for WORDS: Your choice of words is powerful. Using positive word choices at all times will bring greater sales at party and bookings. Word choices for your product descriptions must be interesting and descriptive.

Plan Presentation Organization

Most consultants have a tendency to shy away from a script or plan for their home party plan presentation.

Your party organization is key to the fun factor.

Your home party will be more fun when you have a show plan. It will not become boring because it is too much of a routine. It will be more fun because you can relax and actually PARTY!!

  • What do you want to show at your party?
  • What do you want to sell at your party?
  • What can create desire for bookings?
  • Which of your products will create desire for the opportunity?
  • What kind of information do you want your guests to hear?

These are the kinds of questions that you should ask yourself.

Most consultants let the products drive the presentation, when in fact you should decide what results you want to achieve, then pick the products that will best serve those needs.

Don't Bore Your Audience!The difference between a poor presentation and a wow presentation is all about your party organization.

Think about the results you want from your show whether it be online or live, then decide what products will best serve that purpose.

After you decide the products that you want to take to your show and demonstrate, then decide the best order in which to present them and plan your presentation accordingly.

The Create A Cash Flow Show party plan sales program is a series of systems that ensure that your party is the best in town and in high demand!

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