The Cash Flow Show Acronym (#1)

How did the Cash Flow Show get its name?

Create a consistent cash flow show schedule to achieve success in your home party plan sales business, AKA create a system of parties that generate a consistent cash flow working from home.

The Cash Flow Show website got its name because it is the system that Deb Bixler, the Cash Flow Show party plan expert , used to become one of the top 20 distributors in her company in only 9 months. She then used the system to generate a consistent cash flow as the total household income for 7 years.
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The Cash Flow Show system of show planning has been used successfully by thousands of people to achieve a viable income in their home business.

The Cash Flow Show Acronym

Cash Flow Show acronym teaches you how to run a successful home business.

Each letter of Cash Flow Show represents one of the 12 steps or systems that you can put into place that will result in a consistent income from your home party business.

So the CASH in Cash Flow Show represesnts the actions you must take outside of or before the show:

  • C is for cash register: Your phone is your cash register and you must start thinking of it as such. All businesses have a cash register and when it rings that means you are making money. Make your phone ring with both incoming and outgoing calls to create cash flow.
  • A is for attitude: Attitude is the single most important attribute for any home business owner. Have you gotten past the need-based mentality yet?
  • S is for sales: There are three parts to every show. You must have sales before, during and after every show to create a consistent income and increase your profit margins.
  • H is for host coaching: Hostess coaching is the backbone of your business. It drives your sales before, during and after your show.

The Flow Is Party Specific

The FLOW in Cash Flow Show is all about the party itself and how to make it the best it can be. It assists you in incorporating systems that will generate more sales at the party.

Then the last part of the website name – SHOW – again relates to outside the party or sales after the show. Like a moving train… it may take effort to get it going but it is tough to stop once it is rolling along!

So the website got its name because each letter in the Cash Flow Show acronym represents one system in Deb’s party plan presentation technique!
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I guarantee you that the party plan sales presentation system will increase your commission by 50% within the first month after you incorporate the systems into your business!

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