Catalog Shows Are Gravy…

A solid 1/3 of your commission-able sales should be coming from catalog shows!

As a sales professional you should take advantage of every source of income that is available to you and seek out more book parties.

Catalog Shows = Cash Flow With No Show!

Catalog Shows are one more way of creating cash flow in your business and cash flow is what it’s all about.


Seek out catalog hosts and put systems into place that will make each one the best it can be!

Keys To Good Catalog Shows

The key to good catalog shows is to believe that they are a good source of income.

  1. Give them as many catalogs as they want. (Don’t be stingy with catalogs!)
  2. Host coach the heck out of them using the 3 contact system with the following tweaks.

Hostess coaching for catalog orders is just as important as it is for a live show. Give them as much attention as you would a live show and you will get the sales of a live show.

Teach How To Collect Catalog Orders

Since we are so business-oriented, we think that everyone already knows how to collect orders.

This is not necessarily simple for the average catalog show host. If asked, most likely they will say they DO know how to do it, but even if they say they do you should go over it with them:

  • How to do the tax
  • How the order form works
  • What payments you accept and how to collect money

Many catalog hosts are not comfortable with the money, so they never get started on the order-taking.

  • Teach them how to increase the orders when they hand out the book.

Any time the host can point out something in the book, and tell them what page it is on, then the sales will be a little higher. Ask her what her favorite product is and then give her/him the word choices to use.

Tell her exactly what to say when s/he hands out the catalogs: “My favorite product is the XYV on page 6.”

Or teach her/him to say “This month’s special, the XYZ, is on page 23 and it is 20% off this month.”

Always explain why you want her to do this. It will increase the average purchase, because people will look more slowly at the book, see more things they want, and then spend more money.

  • Educate the host on how to actually GET the order.

When the hostess tells her friends when s/he will pick up the order, the friend is more likely to actually look at the book!

Give your host’s the words to say when they hand out the catalogs:

“I will be back in an hour to get your order and pick up the catalog.”

“Will you be home tomorrow night? I will give you a call then to get your order.”

Remember that if you don’t tell them why, they won’t do it.

Inch Them Along To Higher Levels

When you talk to them (3 times) during the course of the show ask: “May I enter the orders you have already collected now?”

By doing this you will be able to check her calculations but also tell her where she is in the benefit package.

Say things like, “You are at $235 in sales, that means you get $20 free and a half-price item; at $300 you will get $30 free and 2 half-price items. How much longer would you like to gather orders?”

  • When you are closing the show, tell them where they are in the benefit package and offer them a few more days to get to the next level.

Say: “Would you like to keep it open for another day or so, I am sure that if you had a couple more days, you could take it to the next level and earn that 3rd half-price item.”

Then when s/he gives you more orders say: “Wow! You are doing terrific. You are at $422 so you get $30 free and 3 half-price items. If you had a couple more days would you be able to get to $500 because then you will get ….?”

And so on… inch the catalog show up by stretching the show along to higher levels.

Catalog Shows Are Gravy

Catalog sales are like gravy… The more you get the more you want!!

Take advantage of every income opportunity your business has to offer. After a couple of high sales catalog shows you will be saying….  Please pass the GRAVY!

Watch for an upcoming post on how to generate live show bookings from your catalog events!

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