The Secret – How To Get To Yes

How to get to yes more often is actually a pretty simple formula.

While good sales reps understand that no is the path to a yes, we all love to hear yeses more often.

This system will boost your number of yeses so that you can increase sales and make more money working from home.

How To Get To Yes:

A proven system will work in all sales businesses no matter what the product or business model is.

This system of how to get to YES will work for you!

  • Build Rapport: Develop a relationship with small talk. Depending on the situation this could be a short conversation about the party or life in general. Think of it as an ice breaker. Even if you are talking to your best friend, starting with small talk will bring you to yes more often.
  • Get Them To Say Yes: During the rapport building session get them to say yes or any positive statements. If you are at a party simple things like “Did you have fun tonight?” will work.
  • What is in it for them: Most direct sellers share what is in it for them after they hear the NO – so, share what is in it for them first!
  • Compliment them: Always give some simple compliments during the conversation. “I bet you have a lot of friends” or “Your home is perfect!”
  • Practice the 10 second rule: Share for 10 seconds or less and always end in a question during the rapport building session.
  • Ask your question

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How To Get To Yes

Direct Sales System For Hearing More Yeses

It does not matter what question you want a yes to!

  • Would you like my card?
  • Would you like to pick a date?
  • Would you like an upsell?
  • May I call you?
  • Would you like to learn more about the income opportunity?

Practice the formula on how to get to yes and with time you will hear yes more often!


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    I think the most important tip for me to focus on is share what is in it for them first!! I will be practicing the ten second rule also!!

    Shared by: Heidi Schaeffer:

    I spend so much time before and during a party thinking “I need to get bookings” when I never have put into place “How?” No wonder I have problems! Wonderful tips and so simple too. The call tonight with you and Phyllis was spectacular and an eye opener. Thank you so much, Deb!!

    Shared by: Jessica:

    Always looking for ways to get the YES’s!!! I don’t like be rejected or coming across needy.
    Enjoying your calls with Phyllis O’Neill. THANKS Deb!

    Shared by: Susan:

    Deb, you give such practical tools that are easy to implement. Have given me the boost and encouragement I so needed to keep going in my business.

    Shared by: Deborah Reedy:

    I really like the 10 second rule. I knew that I needed to ask questions but I never thought of a format to follow.

    Shared by: Anna Anderson:

    Great advice. I have really enjoyed your site

    Shared by: Mechelle:

    This was great!!! So far this is my favorite tutorial. Thank you Deb.

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