How To Earn Every Incentive Trip

When you perform two shows a week, every week, consistently year round, you will earn every incentive trip that your company offers!

Incentive Trip

As a matter of fact you will earn all the incentives for sales reps that your company offers. The sales incentives planned for and offered to the field are designed so that the average distributor can earn them.

It Is Simple To Earn Every Incentive Trip

Normally, the base level trip will be easily attained by performing two average parties every week.

In order to insure that you do in fact hold two parties per week, always overbook to allow for 25% cancellation rate.

It is easier to make more money that it is to make a little.

A consistent show schedule will inevitably improve your skills…

When you perform two shows per week you will:

  • Increase your show average
  • Get more bookings at your parties
  • Sign up more recruits
  • Promote more often

With higher sales, more bookings and recruits, you will earn higher incentive travel points by performing the same number of shows.

Each time you promote your point requirements usually go down.

So, the way to earn EVERYTHING your company offers and the TOP level trip is to perform two shows per week, every week, year round!

It really is that simple!

Two shows per week, no matter what, is the way to earn every incentive trip!

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