Fill Income Gap December – January

It is a fact that after the holiday shipment cut-off date through the 8th or 10th of January, sales are tough in the direct sales industry.

There are things you can do to fill that income gap so that the bills get paid!

Fill The Income Gap

Don’t take extra time off because it will only make the income gap worse!

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The key to keep your sales from nose-diving after the holidays is to take action NOW!

Tips To Increase After Deadline Sales

Make a plan to generate cash flow during that empty sales window.after holiday sales

1 – Market Catalog Shows

Push catalog shows in November and early December.

If you market these holiday catalog shows at all your shows in late November and early December you will have a dozen or so each year, creating cash flow during that blank calendar time.

Offer bonuses for all catalog shows that close in December after the holiday cut off and before January 10th.

REALLY hype up your catalog shows! Offer additional incentives for those that close higher than $450.

2 – Hold A VIP Party

Customer appreciation events are a gift that you give to your clients, and a great time to hold them is during that post holiday time that you would like to generate some sales to carry you over.

It is a perfect time to host: between Christmas and January 10th because your house is already decorated for the holidays and looks great!

While the focus is on thanking past hosts and guests, this type of event will always generate sales and bookings, especially if you have a product display.

3 – Hold A Mystery Host Party

Host a mystery host show (or two) either live or an online Facebook party during the gap time.
mystery host
A mystery host show is when you give away the hostess benefits to buying guests in attendance. This can be done in conjunction with a customer appreciation, as a live but separate event or as an online event!

You could even conduct a mystery hostess show simultaneously both live and online. Be sure to hype it up and market to everyone you know!

4 – Reach Out To Assisted Living

Retirement homes, health care facilities, senior centers and other assisted living establishments always need to entertain their clients and the clients need easy holiday shopping solutions.

Offering yourself as an entertainer to these types of establishments now will boost your sales, give you a couple of extra bookings and also provide a much-needed service.

Once you schedule an event in a facility it will surely become an annual fall or late season booking!

5 – Act Like A Store! Have After Holiday Sale!

Conduct a post holiday phone sale for December or early January.Income Gap

You can call it a white sale or a snow day sale…. Every other industry offers early January sales so why not YOU?! A one-day sale of limited stock items creatively presented can do wonders!

Try offering discounts that diminish as the day goes on…. Phone orders before noon are 50% discount, 12:01 – 5:00 PM get a 25% discount and after 5:00 the discount is 15%.

6 – Offer Last & First Show Bonus

My favorite is to offer a special Winter theme and a BIG bonus gift for the LAST 2019 show and the FIRST show of the new year!!

Start talking it up NOW and you WILL have MORE than one last 2019 show and more than one first show for 2020!!!

Do you have any other ideas to fill the income gap over the holidays?

Please share them in the comments below!


    Shared by: Jennifer Scheidt:

    Thank you so much for sharing your years of expertise with Jodi Keller’s team! I have listened to both of your calls and you are such an amazing wealth of info and offer such practical steps to keep things moving in our direct sales businesses. I look forward to what is to come! THANK YOU!

    Shared by: Cindy Calhoun:

    Loved the great ideas, Can see using several for add on sales too

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    Thanks for the great ideas Deb! Here’s what I’m implementing: I’m offering a customer appreciation storytime party on the first Saturday in January (my business is children’s books.) I’m doing giveaways that I’ll be using to promote bookings, but I won’t be selling anything books that day. I am going to tell everyone to be on the lookout for my snow day sale with diminishing discounts that will take place the following week.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool, sounds like a fun way to do customer appreciation!! They will love it Rebekah!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thank you, Kathleen and Brian for good tips! It is all about being creative!

    Shared by: Nan:

    I always need ideas for my team and myself to fill in that gap between the holiday and late January. Thank you for these great ideas!!

    Shared by: Victoria:

    I like the customer appreciation party idea. I will try it this year.

    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    We always suggest having at least an Event or two scheduled for the first full week in January. Perhaps one at Your Home, and at least one for Someone else, or a Market, or Calling All Customers with a Special or two! 😉

    Shared by: Kathleen R:

    After the holiday deadline, I offer gift certificates – brings people back in that gap time. I use that time to sell my stock too. I also have a big scrapbook event in January and I offer husbands/friends the opportunity to purchase a seat as a gift for their loved one. I offer a special, very exclusive gift AT the event for the loved one. It is a fun presentation and everyone is quite jealous – so they want to get their seat early next year! I may not have workshops/shows, but the sales are still coming and events are still filling.

    Shared by: Jamie Rosado:

    Great Tips Deb! I have been worried about the holiday season and how it’s going to affect my sales! Love these ideas! Thanks!

    Shared by: Gail Sanders:

    I have needed to have a fresh prospective of my business with new and fresh ideas. All of your ideas for boosting sales between December and January 10th are wonderful. I can’t wait to get started on a plan!!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Glad to be of help, Gail! Love the customer appreciation event between Christmas and NY. It become an annual event in my business!

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