Fall Direct Selling Ideas

People are more active in general during the Fall and the party plan business is no different.

Attendance at home party plan shows is higher in the Fall. People tend to be more likely to spend money in the Fall as well. It is a great time for home parties so make the most out of every show.

Direct Selling Ideas

These direct selling ideas will boost your sales this Fall.

(Photo Taken At Mulberry Gap, GA By Deb)

Direct Selling Ideas To Increase Sales At Parties

Here are some quick tips to increase your Fall income:

  • Talk about gift certificates.  If you never talk about gift certificates, you will never sell them.  If your company does not have a company-wide gift certificate, then create your own.  Gift certificates can be a high ticket item.
  • Mention Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa NOW! Even in late September you should start planting seeds about the holiday gift ideas. It is never too early to point out the upcoming gift giving seasons.
  • Talk about products in groupings.  Chances are you have groups of products that you can discuss as a group and create desire for everything in the product group.  Show the higher end of the group as the guest will buy down but will not buy up.
  • Show and point out gifts that split.  You may have a set of 3 in a package for $27.  Point out that this set is perfect for splitting into smaller gifts.  How many under $10 gifts do you need?  This is perfect for teachers, office grab bags, hostess gifts or last minute drop-in gift giving. Buy the set for $27 and you have 3 beautiful $9.00 gifts that anyone would love to receive!
  • Always offer multiple uses for each item.  If you have an item that is perfect for kids taking lunch to school and that is all you say about it, then if your guests do not have kids, they will stop listening.  It is probably perfect for teenagers, husbands, senior citizens and kids, so point out a use that applies to all your shoppers by suggesting as many different applications for your item as possible.
  • Point out how many items you have under $15.  We have over 120 items under $15 so if you are always looking for good shopping value, this catalog is the place to look.
  • Use “done deal” word choices.  Say; “When you have this in your home…” Not IF.  Say, “This items will…” Not you COULD…. Always use word choices that act as if it is a done deal.

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Do you have another direct selling idea to increase sales in the Fall? Please share it below!

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    Shared by: Robin:

    I have extended time off from the JOB… I finally started Deb’s Create a Cash Flow Show Training and it is AWESOME…. I am learning a lot from the CFS training….. “A cash flow show does not happen by accident, it takes consistency in three areas cash, flow, show

    Shared by: Mary Hulett:

    Marketing is a skill. Word choices are so important when dealing with clients. Making sure the clients have options is also important. I like these suggestions and will share with my team.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool, thanks Mary, send your team over to read the article and enter the sweepstakes. Tell them to add your name to the entry so you get another!!

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