The SHOW In CFS = Sales After Show (#3)

This is the last in a three-part article about the theme of this site Create A Cash Flow Show, meaning “create a consistent cash flow show” schedule in your party plan business.
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Create A Cash Flow Show is an acronym for what has to happen in your party plan business to create consistent cash flow month in and month out.

The C in Cash is for cash register. Use the phone to make your cash register ring.
The A in Cash is attitude and attendees
The S in Cash is Sales before the show.
The H in Cash is for Host Coaching which is the back bone of your business.

F in Flow is for the most important thing and that is FUN!!
L in Flow is for look and listen for leads.
O in Flow is for show organization.
Win Flow is what to take, what to talk about and word choices.

The S in Show is for sales after the show and show tally
The H in Show is for hostess coaching and host appreciation.
The O in Show is for sharing the opportunity and out of the box customer service.
The W in Show in wrap-up and willingness.

Each one of the letters in the site’s title is covered as a separate chapter in the CFS party plan training system.

Sales After Show

Creating cash flow after the show (getting sales after show) and keeping your business on track for future parties hinges on the efforts made prior to the show and on having sales before the show.

There is no cash flow after the show if there is no cash flow before the show.

Like a moving train… it may take effort to get it going but it is tough to stop once it is rolling along!create a cash flow show
Recently I had lunch with a friend who was at a live CFS seminar and she said that it is too much work for her, so she is not going to do it.

Everything good involves effort!

The beauty of this and all of the CFS systems is that it takes less effort after you put them in place. Just like a train, the effort to get it moving sometimes seems like work.

Once you are rolling along though it becomes effortless. The momentum in your business will become easy when you put systems into place.

You can not stop a moving train! Is your party plan a moving train? Are you creating a Cash Flow Show!?
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This is part of the Create A Cash Flow Show party plan sales training program.

Willingness Working From Home

Are you WILLING?

  • Willing to make the effort
  • Willing to educate your self
  • Willing to invest time and money in your business
  • Willing to TAKE ACTION
  • Willing to stay committed

Willingness is essential when working from home!

Put YOUR train in motion with the Cash Flow Show systems of party plan presentation and it will never stop paying you!


    Shared by: Renee Hagan:

    I love the suggestion of setting specific goals with our hostesses, and telling them how to reach their goals. I excited to try this in my Thirty One business.

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