Do An Awesome Party Show Tally!

The show tally or accounting of the events which took place at the show is how you get orders to increase sales and take the show to the next level.

Every home party (live and online) should have sales and bookings before the show, during the show and after the show!

The key to orders and bookings after the show is orders before the show and a fun successful party because you cannot stop a moving train!!

When you put time, focus and energy into getting the sales rolling along before and during the show, immediately after the party is the time to capitalize on the momentum.

Your host already circulated books, told all her friends and relatives about the show, she just had fun at the show, so while she/he is still hyped up and into it, still excited and the wheels are rolling, go over the tally and explain the benefit package. Show the host the possibilities!!

Motivate them to continue to gather orders and achieve higher sales.

If you wait and call the host back the morning after, you will lose the momentum.

The Party Show Tally

The party show tally is the explanation of the show benefits which your host has already earned as well as levels which they could still achieve. Immediately after the guests leave or when the online party is over, you and the host should go over the show tally!

show tally
The tally should include:

  • The money: When going over the tally cover this first because it is basically a negative. Give her/him the checks or explain how the final payment is going to work, etc. and put it in writing for you and for the host.
  • List the future shows scheduled as well as the people who said they might be interested in hosting a show. Explain that she may like to contact them before the closing date and encourage them to pick their date. Tell her you will give them a follow up call also.
  • An itemization of the show benefits will be listed in 3-4 columns. Point out what the benefits are now and what they will be in 3-4 higher levels. Lay it out so that the host can see the benefit package three levels to four levels up from the current level.
  • The show closing appointment date: Pick a date. Let the host see you write it on the calendar and then write it on the show tally.
  • The tally should also include how much they would have made had they been the consultant.

Use Show Tally To Inspire Host

Sitting down with your hostess after the guests have left and going over her benefits as well as the benefits of the higher levels will incentivize her to gather more orders.

This is part of the Create A Cash Flow Show party plan sales presentation system.
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The goal is to inspire the host to higher levels.

Let’s say that the show is at $480.

When going over the benefit package explain what she/he will get at that level and then say, “At the $500 level you will get…… we will not close the show until you get there, you can easily get one more order”.

Then say “if I were you, though, I would shoot for the $600 level – with all those catalogs you have out, it will not be a problem for you to hit $600.” Then say: And at the $700 level you will get….. that is certainly within reach….. Do you have enough catalogs? When would you like to talk next week to wrap this up?”

When you act as if it is normal to collect orders after the show and everyone does it, then it will be normal and everyone will do it.

You can even take the time to put together a list with the host of who to reach out to. Who said they were coming and did not, who took said s/he would order and did not, etc. Remember, do not be stingy with your books. Looking through a real catalog increases the order size compared to online orders.

At this point also, if your company pays you a commission on what the host buys at a discount or at half price, then be sure to encourage taking advantage of the awesome discounts for future gift-giving needs.

Make a big deal about picking a date to close the show.

Select a date that is about 4-5 days away, write it on the show tally and write it in your calendar.

At a live event take a picture of the show tally for your records and give the host the original of the tally after you go over it. For a Facebook party upload an image into messenger so s/he has a copy then go over the show tally via phone or video messenger.

It takes 3 parts to have a $1000 show: before the party, during the party and after the party.

The show tally works!!

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