The Birthday Icebreaker

For team leaders who plan a monthly meeting, finding a way to energize a team meeting starts with the networking portion.

Be sure to incorporate meeting ice breakers into every meeting you plan!

Networking activities facilitate communication and participation from everyone.
The Birthday Icebreaker
They are especially important for direct sales team meetings, where team members spend most of their days working alone.

By providing an icebreaker activity, you’re helping your team break down the barriers of professional isolation and understand that they are indeed part of a greater team dedicated to the personal success of every member.

The Birthday Icebreaker

Everyone has a birthday and most people don’t mind sharing theirs.

At your next team meeting begin by asking everyone to get up out of their chairs and tell them they have one minute to organize themselves by birth date in descending order.

Smaller groups should be allotted a shorter time for this, as the idea is to get everyone sharing that information in a hurry and getting into their proper place in line.

This icebreaker accomplishes the basic goal of getting every person out of their chair. It also immediately sets the tone that tells them their input matters – a great way to break the ice!

Remember Your Goal

Your goal of the icebreaker is to get everyone involved and feeling more comfortable…. ie. break the ice!

Some icebreakers break down the team into smaller groups, others are for everyone together.

With just a little thought and a sense of fun, a team leader can use icebreakers to take there direct sales team meetings to the next level.

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    Shared by: Lisa Meritoler:

    I have been using the blind drawing game or a variation of that as an icebreaker periodically. It always gets alot of laughs and is easy to tie into a theme meeting.

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