What Is Marketing?

Looking for a new training topic?

“What is marketing?” is a team meeting topic rarely covered.

Understanding the definition of marketing will go a long way toward success in the industry!

Sales team meetings should be fun, educational and include basic team training topics designed to keep your sales organization coming to meetings.

Theme = “What Is Marketing?”

Make one of your upcoming team training themes all about the definition of marketing.

Sales is marketing!

If your team members lack business because they do not know how to market their business, then they will not last.

It is easier to keep a team member than it is to find a new one.

Team retention will improve when your team knows how to promote the business online and offline.

Direct sales and marketing is the foundation to all home businesses, so why not teach it to your team?!

The Answer To “What Is Marketing?”

Deb Bixler’s official marketing definition is:

Marketing is the art, science and skill of creating more and more desire in the marketplace for your product, opportunity and services.

Marketing Definition

So what does that mean exactly?

The marketplace for direct sellers is everywhere they go!

Put systems in place to connect with your leads emotionally by focusing on their needs.

Practice them regularly and get better and better at creating desire in the marketplace!

  • Art = Emotions: Connect emotionally with your prospects
  • Science = Systems: Put systems in place so that your business marketing efforts are effortless
  • Skill = Practice: Practice your systems on a regular basis and you will develop the skills necessary to grow your business

So, let’s tie it all together….
Use stories to tap into peoples’ emotions in a systematic fashion.

Practice sprinkling these stories within your conversations daily and you will develop the skills to achieve your goals!

This training is part of the direct sales and marketing program Power Up For Professional Results.

There are unlimited ways to market your business throughout your daily life but no one wants to feel like they are on the receiving end of a marketing message.Buy The Power Up Program!

Get a good understanding of what is marketing and start practicing everywhere!

  • Holiday Parties
  • Grocery Stores
  • Social Media
  • Friends, Family, Neighbors
  • Schools, Churches, Work
  • Home Parties
  • Fairs and Expos
  • Public Speaking Opportunities
  • Libraries and Banks

When you teach your team members how to market their business to create desire in the marketplace then they will never quit.

No one ever quits with a full calendar!


    Shared by: Glynda Lomax:

    What this video says is SO true – people don’t fail, SYSTEMS FAIL – I finally understand why my previous success in party plan selling was so limited when I was so passionate about what I was selling. Thanks, Deb !!

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