Don’t Recreate The Wheel – Support Company

Chances are your direct selling home office or party plan company has put some awesome sales incentives in place for you and your team.

Don’t Recreate The Wheel

As a team leader the best thing you can do for your company and your team is to support those incentives by piggy-backing off of them and reinforcing the behaviors that the company is looking for.

Direct selling leaders do not have to recreate the wheel.

Your home office has already put time, money and research into creating incentives for your team. All of your efforts should be to reinforce those incentives.


When you dangle too many carrots they will not grab any of them!

Make sure you are not adding more or different incentives to the plate of the consultants and therefore confusing the team and reducing the efforts of the home office.

Support Company Efforts

Your home office may have an incentive that rewards your team for going to the direct selling company’s conference by matching sales dollars in a certain month to offset the cost of going to the training.

If you add an incentive to the same month for generating bookings, then you dilute your team’s focus.

Instead, a good matching effort would be one that focuses on increasing sales that month.

Possibly, you could offer an meeting topic on “How To Have $1000 Home Parties” and a reward or recognition for all $1000 shows during the home office sales incentive period.

This would enhance and support the home office incentive to increase sales rather than diverting your consultants’ attention to an additional area of focus.

Direct Selling Companies Invest In Team

Your direct selling company is investing in your team, so it is not necessary for you to add to that.

When you support the home office’s efforts it will be more affordable to you and your team will have better results.

Practice piggy-backing your efforts on the home office’s incentives rather than recreating the wheel.

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