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Our guest this week on the Cash Flow Show Radio is Rina Valan and the topic is improving team retention by tapping into technology.

When you get your new distributor’s attention quickly it will start the ball rolling! The easiest way to do that is to engage with them where they already are…. FACEBOOK!

Immediately connect every new rep to your Facebook Team Group!

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Rina Valan shared two awesome tips on how to tap into technology to get your team off to a great start and ultimately increase retention!

  1. A Facebook Team Group To Engage Team: This is your team’s private living room or perpetual meeting.
  2. Have a face to face meeting using the latest visual technology: A person who sees you and has a conversation with you will be more engaged than one who only talks with you on the phone.

As soon as each team member joins you should immediately friend them on Facebook and get them in the group.

Since everyone is already engaging on Facebook the group is the perfect place to welcome newbies so that they immediately become connected with other successful team members. The Facebook team group becomes an effective support system.

It takes a village to raise a new party plan distributor to success!
Facebook Team Group
The younger generation, aka digital natives, are your hottest lead source now….

When you bring in new distributors they EXPECT you to engage them virtually – your first point of contact should be a team Facebook group!

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