Build Business With FROGS Acronym

Avon distributor Veronica Staats shared her tips on using the FROGS acronym when launching a new distributor so that they start to make money fast and stick with it!!

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The FROGS Acronym Works

This may seem like an old school concept but the FROGS acronym is a simple and easy way to assist your new distributors in getting their business off to a great start.

FROGS Acronym

Use the FROGS acronym as a tool to teach your team how to reach out to those in their warm market circles.

  • F = Friends
  • R = Relatives
  • O = Occupation
  • G = Geography
  • S = Social

Veronica Staats’ 3 Tips For New Reps

  1. Make a list of your warm market and write it down!
  2. Create a list of your “whys” and post them all over your house in important and visible locations on post-it notes.
  3. Use the power of 3s and always make 3 contacts every day!
Veronica Staats
Put a sticky note in the bathroom near the toilet roll for a constant reminder of one of your whys and also to create curiosity from visitors.

Veronica Staats is a loving daughter, wife & successful beauty boss for 7.5 years with Avon.

She is a President’s Club member and a #1 e-store sales rep. Her Avon business has helped to support her family through many trying times over the years (stroke, cancer, heart attack, surgeries & more) for which she has been very blessed & is happy to share her passion with others.

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