Sales Meeting Ideas: The Mad Hatter

If you are involved in team meeting planning then you should always be on the look out for fun sales meeting ideas!

Most sales consultants will tell you that they joined their home party company for free products or for the fun.

Getting your home party plan team to meetings is simple… keep them fun!

If there is one thing that your team will not tolerate, it is being bored.

When you keep your party plan team interested, intrigued and having fun they will keep coming to your training meetings.

A Fun Sales Meeting Idea: The Mad Hatter!

Sales Meeting IdeasThere are many fun team meeting ideas and one of my favorites is the Mad Hatter theme.

Announce your every meeting and it’s theme with an air of mystery.

Send an email, post card or newsletter telling everyone that the next training event will be the “Mad Hatter Meeting”.

The invitation will invite all in attendance to wear their most unusual hat for the occasion and announce that awards will be given out for the most unique (or any other hat award you plan to give out).

At the meeting everyone will be laughing as you arrive in the most unusual hat of all!

Fun will be had as each new arrival comes in with a different and unique hat, cap or bonnet.

Training For The Mad Hatter

As the team meeting goes on, keep the training focused on the Mad Hatter meeting idea.

Hat-themed topics you could include are:

  • Using your thinking cap for creative home party bookings
  • Wearing your business hat VS your family hat
  • Starting a casual conversation with someone wearing a hat at the store

Be creative, have some fun and develop your own unique sales meeting ideas!

Do something different every meeting.

When party plan reps have fun, they keep coming back for more.

Fun team meetings are the key to team retention and growth in your sales organization.

Do You Have Any Sales Meeting Ideas?

Please share your fun sales meeting ideas in the comment section below!!

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