Consultant Tic-Tac-Toe Goal Planner

On a recent Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio show we had 4 direct sales leaders sharing their tips to get the team off to a great start.

They were ALL awesome tips!

I really liked the idea that Gwen Cleck of Jordan Essentials Bath And Body shared:

Use a goal planner tic-tac-toe board to make an easy-to-follow visual process that new consultants can use to get off on the right foot!

Click the player arrow to listen to Gwen’s part of the show and learn how she uses the tic-tac-toe goal planner to get her team started.


Using The Goal Planner

You can print and download this exact tic-tac-toe goal planner to use as is. It can be shared with your team in print form or by attaching it to an email.

To save the PDF document click here

If you would like to edit the words and goals included in the goal planner download the editable word document here. After saving it to your computer you will be able to change the words within the text boxes.

After saving it to your computer it can be edited to meet your company’s specifics.

  • Set the goal planner up using specifics from your company.

SMART goals are specific and measurable! This sheet makes it easy to track and gives the new consultant a great visual on how they are doing!

  • Offer incentives for achieving tic-tac-toe.

When a consultant achieves one row in the grid have them reach out to you for a small reward and hooray!

  • Offer incentives for completing the grid.

Piggy-backing on your company’s promotions for new consultants, offer an incentive when they complete the entire grid within the bonus period!

This is a great way to get your team off to a terrific start! I love the visual aspect…


    Shared by: Norma:

    Love this!!!! What an easy to follow, customizable idea! Easy to use but also fun and learning at the same time. I really love this. Thanks for sharing. We hear so many “typical” ideas but I love the ones that are different and fresh.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Let me know how it works when you implement it Norma!

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