How To Motivate A Team – You Can’t!

A recent Facebook post prompted several Fans to request a solution to “how to motivate a team” or how to keep their team engaged and producing.

If I could put motivation into a gift bag I would gladly “gift” it to everyone I know in direct sales!

However, reality is very different. You can inspire others, but motivation isn’t something you can give to another.

Motivation comes from within oneself.

how to motivate a team
“When you know what you want and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.”

Jim Rohn

How To Motivate A Team

It is easier to tell you how you CANNOT motivate your consultants than it is to say how you can motivate!

  • While everyone needs money it is not a motivator!  However lack of it will cause de-motivation.
  • Underutilization of skills is a de-motivator as well. When a person applies their skills to the fullest they tend to be more motivated.
  • Too much stress reduces motivation and lack of any stress at all leads to laziness.

It is difficult to create a definitive post on how to motivate a team because each individual on the team is unique.

This is a topic that greater minds than Deb Bixler, have analyzed for centuries!

An Engaged Team Is A Motivated Team

The key to motivation is to find out what drives each member of your sales team, then to keep them engaged.

Keeping your team engaged is key to motivation!

Perform your team meeting planning (both online and off) with the idea of team growth in the forefront of your mind and engage every personality.

Each team member has to be a part of the bigger picture as well as their own home business goals.

Do you have a bigger team goal? How is each member a part of the bigger picture?

Consider each team member a leader from the beginning and treat them as such!

Every soldier is a leader regardless of his rank or position.
Department of the Army pamphlet 600-64.

Platoon sergeants are expected to be ready and able to take command of a platoon in the platoon leader’s absence. Non-commissioned officers are expected to show initiative – to get things done without waiting to be told by a superior.

Manage your team with an eye toward their own advancement into management.

The Basics Of How To Motivate Your Team!

The classic statement of lead by example is true in direct sales too!  Don’t expect your team to be high performers if you are not!

  • Coach in private – Praise in public!

Confidence is always bolstered with public recognition.  Remember to recognize the person, not the deed!

DEED Recognition: “Wow! Look at Lisa – congratulations on a $1000 show!”

PERSONAL Recognition: “Wow! Let’s give Lisa a round of applause for taking the extra time to connect with her hostesses! Can you give us one tip on what you did to have a $1000 show!?”

Incorporate recognition awards into your routine that support those that are not high achievers as well!

When you proactively encourage all members of your team it will generate enthusiasm that will inspire everyone to work or achieve more.

  • Run incentives – especially ones that get them to the corporate events!Teach Recruiting

If your company already runs incentives make sure that you incentivize their incentives.

Piggy-back what you do off the home office incentives.

Too many incentives can do just the opposite of what you want, so leverage the corporate efforts!
Create incentives that encourage meeting attendance for your local and regional meetings and also the company-wide conferences.

Conference incentives that are run annually on the team level should hype up conference interest!

If I were to say one single thing that is the secret formula on how to motivate your team I would say – Get them to national conference!

  • Take genuine interest in your team!

Go for friendship! When you become friends and create an environment that encourages friendships, your team will keep coming back for more.

A good listener is always perceived as being genuine!

Take the time to listen.  You do not have to always be nagging them about moving up the ladder or doing more.

When you know what each team member wants and guide them with measurable actions toward their goals, they will stay engaged.

The Direct Sales Recruiting University teaches you and your team how to recruit and also how to teach recruiting!

  • Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

The direct sales leader who does it all is the direct sales team leader that does it all by themselves!

Your team has many personalities and skills.  By delegating tasks and utilizing your team as the leaders that they are becoming it makes your job easier and may motivate them from within.

  • Teach Basic Booking Skills First

No one quits when they are making money.

Put a strong system of teaching your distributors to become expert schedulers and everything else will follow.

Every consultant should be trained on how to grow a strong business tree at the very first training session!

The single most important thing for a new consultant to learn is how to find business!

  • Never complain down!

There is nothing that can de-motivate a team more than a negative word from their upline (you).  If you have a problem, complaint or issue always pass your concerns up the ladder not down!

Motivating Your Sales Team

Inspiring your team IS the job description for leading a team.

If you figure out how to motivate a team you will be able to sell your secret and become rich!! LOL

Each person on your sales team is motivated differently.

Motivation comes from within and from a belief in one’s dream.

Find out what that dream is, keep them engaged, show them the path to make that dream a reality, and they become motivated!


    Shared by: Jessica:

    Great article Deb! I’ve incorporated many of these into my team building 🙂 Thanks for the great reminders.

    Shared by: Carrie:

    Deb…this was wonderful. Thank you. the praise the person, not the deed…wow, that spoke to me! I’m going to make that my #1 work on this coming week. And the delegate…Already thinking about how to do that. thank you!!

    Shared by: Nichelle Landry:

    Very informative! I’m so glad I’ve learned the correct way to give praise. I had it all wrong before. Your labor is not in vain Deb!

    Shared by: Sylvia Hale:

    Thanks for such great information.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    I like the example of deed praise vs. personal praise.

    Good idea to keep in mind when recognizing a team member.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks, Sandy – yes many do not realize there is a difference. Most recognition I see at team meetings is the deed:

      Hip-hip-yopray! You are number #2 in sales with a high show of $1234 and 14 new bookings for the month!

      Just does not cut it to empower people!

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