How To Remember Names At Parties

Listen to the audio recording below to learn how to remember names at your home party.

Use names at your party and you will have a more attentive audience!

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How To Remember Names

how to remember namesThe first step to remember names is to stop saying that you cannot remember names.

As Napoleon Hill said in Think And Grow Rich, your subconscious mind takes your conscious thoughts and manifests them into reality.

When you start to say “I am really good at remembering names” you will start to become better at remembering names.

If you are not comfortable saying that you ARE good at remembering names then say to yourself: “I am getting better at remembering names!”

Deb Bixler says that your thoughts predict the future, so saying “I am getting better at remembering names” is the 1st step to learning how to remember names.

Tips To Learn How To Remember Names

This 34-minute audio includes several systems that will help you to become better at remembering.

This was a private group training event that is packed full of useful tips on how to remember names so get a paper and pencil and get ready to take notes.

This was recorded in 2007 but it is still a great listen!

Increase Party Sales By Remembering Names

Why do you want to remember names?

As you have probably heard, the most important word in the human language to a person is that person’s name.

Remembering names can and will increase party plan sales.

People shop, invest or buy emotionally and when you remember names, you connect with the individual to create a stronger emotional bond.

Here are several good reasons why you should learn how to remember peoples’ names:

  • Create a connection with people
  • To show that you care
  • To avoid personal embarrassment
  • To create a better listening skill in yourself (You listen better when you focus on learning names.)
  • To create an environment of attention (People pay more attention to you when you use their name.)
  • Increase sales!

The decision to become good at remembering names will make a difference in your life and cash flow.


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, for saying so, Corinne – any system that works will help!

    Shared by: Corinne Snyder:

    I have a brain disease that affects the memory process (long & short term) & I have a really hard time remembering names. I love Deb’s audio “How to Remember Names”! She has great ideas, and they do work! Thanks Deb for all of your great learning material!

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