Handling Inactive Status Consultants

This was a topic request that I have been mulling over and putting off.

The actual request was to write about “getting inactive consultants back to active status“…. I am not sure that I have an answer to that!

The real answer is to prevent inactive status from occurring in the first place!

Inactive Consultant Status

Apply For Business ScholarshipsInactive consultant status means something different in every company.

It is usually based on reaching certain personal sales minimums for a specific period of time which normally occurs in a rolling window.

For Example:
Submit $200 in personal sales during every 60 day period.

This “rolling window” basically means that you must submit $200 in retail sales for April and May, then May and June, and again in June and July.

So, if you were to submit $74 in April you would be required to submit $126 in May, then assuming you did so, then another $74 in June, $126 in July and so on… the 60 day window rolls along and must always add up to $200.

It sounds easy enough!

Most passionate consultants could consume or buy for themselves at that level.

The fact though is that it is tough to meet those minimums when you are working at the minimum level!

Consultants working at low levels can become very stressed trying to meet these minimum requirements.

It is easier to submit more than it is to just meet the minimums!

When you have a good understanding of what makes a good sales rep, chances are your team will have a lower inactive status rate.

  • During the interview process set the tone or the bar for working at higher levels.

While most leaders would say “the minimum is only $200 per 60 days; anyone can do that!” instead when asked about minimums be honest but set the bar by saying something like:

“Honestly, it is easier to do more shows than work at the minimum level!

You said you were interested in paying the credit card bill off….

When you do 4 shows per month you could expect to submit far above the minimums and earn $500 – $1000 per month.

Do you have one day a week to invest in doing parties outside the home?

Get your new consultants off to a terrific start by taking advantage of the work your company has already done by leveraging the starter kit.

The kit has built in tools that are designed to create success. Use them and reference them instead of recreating the wheel!

How you conduct your new consultant training will affect their results as well.

  • One-on-one coaching in a systematic fashion that begins before they even sign up will get them off to a great start!

The consultant who has shows dated before they sign on the dotted line is the consultant who kicks off her or his business with a bang.

Your team will not go inactive if they are making money!

  • Make sure that the money part happens quickly by launching their party business with one or two practice shows dated within 10 days of their start date.

The Consultant Has Gone Into Inactive Status

So, what do you do if they DO go into inactive status, despite your best efforts?

This is what I recommend:

  • From the day they start, coach them as if they are a success.
  • Always act as if they are going to do it!
  • If they do not respond, continue to coach them by phone through the super starter period.
  • Once they go inactive (even if it is long after the initial start date) keep them informed.

Depending on your company policies, educate them so they understand the ramifications of being inactive. Most likely at this point they may be non-responsive.

So, just coach them via messages and keep them informed.

Something like this:

Prior To Inactive Status:

Lisa, just wanted to let you know that you are about to go inactive. This is not the end of the world but you will lose your career sales which means your commissions may drop as well.  in order to stay active you should submit $XYZ before the last day of this month.  Call me and we can figure out how to solve this for you!


Hey, Lisa – just wanted to follow up… your inactive status took effect on the first of the month. This does not mean you are no longer a distributor, it just means that you are not eligible for the benefits and product discounts. It is easy to return to active status though. Just submit $200 commission-able sales in any two month period before the end of the year and automatically you will be back on the rosters. Hope to see you at the next meeting – we are talking about bookings!  Call me and let me know how I may serve you!

Prior To Total Removal From Roster:

Lisa, just wanted to touch base again. We miss you at the meetings. I know you joined MyFantasticCompany so that your husband could quit his second job. The Fall is an awesome time of the year and sales are high…. you have 30 days till you are removed from the company roster permanently, so give me a call so I can help you reach your goals. I am here for you when you decide!

After Total Termination:

Hi it’s me again, don’t forget about MyFantasticCompany!  I will always be here and I know you have what it takes to make it with this company so even though you are no longer with us, let me know what I can do for you and remember you are awesome – we would love to have you rejoin anytime you want!

If someone goes into inactive status and you have given them everything it takes to be successful then there really is nothing you can do for them.

You cannot want it for them more than they want it.  Recognize when it is time to ‘Bless and Release!”

I would keep them on the newsletter list and reach out to them without being a total bug until they are totally off the roster. At that point, an occasional postcard or call once a year, maybe at the holidays, to remind them that you are still there if they want to give it another shot.

You cannot make anyone do anything they do not want to do….
So invest your time in those who do want what you have to offer!


    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    This is GREAT Deb! The hardest part for me is knowing they CAN do it but won’t. Time to Bless & Release.

    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    This is GREAT Deb! The hardest part for me is knowing they CAN do it but won’t. Time to Bless & Release.

    Shared by: alicia castolina:

    Thanks Ms. bixler for all the information you have been giving us. thirty one…Sarah saleet.

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