Pick Launch Dates BEFORE Joining!

Kathy Card aka Defense Pro Kathy is a distributor with Damsel in Defense.

She is our guest in this segment of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio as we continue to discuss how to get your new team members off to a great start.

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Pick The Launch Dates First

Teach your distributors to schedule their launch dates before they sign up with the company.

When someone is not willing to date a launch party, open house or practice show before they join your team then you really have to question their commitment.
Launch Dates
What is keeping that team member from picking a date? Nerves? Commitment? Busy?

When will they be ready?

Even if it is a month out, get the launch dates on the calendar! When signing up a consultant you want those who are willing to work their business. As a leader it is your job to teach consultants what it takes to be successful.

No launch date?

Maybe this person is not someone you should commit your time to if s/he is not willing to commit to a launch party or two.

Kathy Card is a Crystal Director with Damsel in Defense.

Kathy Card
Design your business and life anyway you want it to be… and don’t worry you do not have to be perfect!
Kathy Card, Damsel In Defense

She joined the company just a few months after it was formed and made the leap from her career as a Television Producer to direct sales so she could be present for her two young daughters as they grew up!

She is absolutely loving the sisterhood she has found in the company and is now enjoying watching both her team and her children grow!

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