Jessica Kaiser: Launching Your Team

Jessica Kaiser was our guest on this episode of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio when we discussed launching your team with a great super starter training program!

Jessica is a Do You Bake? Ruby Leader. She is a true foodie who loves DYB? products!

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Jessica Kaiser On Launching Your Team

Jessica encourages her team to have a launch party in their own home to share their passion with their friends and family.

Ask everyone who comes to host a show and don’t worry about hearing no, just keep going, keep asking and you will get to yes!

When you get invited to one of your friend’s home you will meet their circle of friends who will be new people to your business.

Also, Jessica recommends going to trade shows on a regular basis to meet new people.

Don’t be afraid of the no – take the challenge and go for no!

When you hear no remember that it is not a no to you the person, it is a no thank you, I prefer not to have a show!

Jessica Kaiser
Eventually, the yeses will out number the nos as your skills develop and you become a better networker.

Share your products everywhere you go, don’t let the work overwhelm you and it will pay off and start to happen naturally!

Jessica Kaiser, Ruby Leader, Do You Bake?
Create a following both online and off and share what you do with your products. Show your followers how you use your products in action.

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