Create A Leadership Culture To Grow

Creating a leadership culture is all about creating a caring and sharing team culture.

The leader of any team, company or corporation determines the attitude of the entire organization.

Natural recruiters lead by example. They teach recruiting and set the bar for recruiting expectations before the consultant even signs up.

Do you? You must establish a direct sales recruiting culture then turn that into a leadership culture!

Leaders who develop leaders have a system that teaches their team how to get off to a great start in sales, lead generation and recruiting all at the same time.
When you are a great teacher you can teach anything!

The Leadership Culture

A team with a leadership culture has a leader who is able to create desire for higher levels within the organization without being perceived as pushy!

If you can develop interest for products, you can use the same techniques to develop interest for recruiting and in turn an interest in moving up the ladder.

Read this article on how to create desire then make a list of why moving up the ladder is the best thing since sliced bread and incorporate the system into your training routine!

Don’t separate recruiting as something to teach separately – teach your team how to create interest, period! Then apply it to everything.

Read this article on how to teach recruiting the same way you teach sales

Systems Create Leadership Culture

A great leader has systems. A system of training that is used for all new reps becomes a routine. That does not mean stagnant….

A system will be in a constantly upgrading mode but without a system or a routine it is impossible to get better at something. Systems make your job look easy!

A replicable system for launching your super starters will do more for leadership development than you can imagine!

Once a member joins your organization and understands that recruiting is required then it is the leader’s responsibility to immediately begin to create desire for moving up the ladder. Sprinkle the benefits of leadership in a conversational manner into all your conversations.

Teach your team to believe and they will recruit!!

Teach them to create desire and they can sell anything even the product of leadership to their downline!

Read this article on what it takes to be an awesome recruiter with the belief!

Creating leadership culture must be part of the leader’s plan!

Putting systems in place that create desire, first for the product, then the opportunity, then for sharing it, and following that with a desire for attaining higher levels will develop into a caring and sharing team culture!

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