Long Distance Team Training Meetings (#4)

With the long-distance recruiting that is taking place due to the internet, the online or teleconference meeting is becoming more and more important.

Recruiting all over the world requires a special focus on long distance team training techniques.

This is the last part of a 4 part series on planning effective team meetings.

If you have not read the previous 3 than you should start at the beginning: Team Meeting Planning #1.

Long Distance Team Training

long distance team training
Everything that was discussed in the previous three articles on building a sales team and conducting direct selling meetings applies to meetings that are taking the technological approach.

Sales leaders who are keeping up with the times and recruiting using the internet will conduct live meetings as well as meeting formats such as webinars, tele-seminars and online forum or chats.

Technology-based meetings have additional challenges in serving the five purposes of an effective meeting.

Conducting Long Distance Team Training

It is important in long distance team training that you give the consultants the same great meeting opportunities that you do for your local consultants.

Even though your meeting is being held online or via teleconference, the goal should still be to conduct a meeting that includes all of the main purposes of a team training event:

  • networking
  • collaboration
  • friendship
  • education
  • support/recognition

Working to incorporate all segments live meeting into your long distance team training events takes a bit of thought!

Just like your offline meetings having fun and engaging teleconference and webinars will improve the effectiveness of your meetings, as well as attendance.
Invite Deb To Your Long Distance Team Training Event
It is important to remember that someone attending technology-based meetings from the comfort of their home have certain distractions that do not exist in live meetings.

Meeting attendees are most often multi-tasking which makes attention to the subject matter difficult. Your ability to create a fast-paced attention-grabbing seminar is key to the educational experience.

I recommend using the same meeting format, and the same information that you used during your live meeting. Plan once, use twice would be a good motto to keep your life simple. In addition, this ensures that local members also participate in the online or conference call meetings as well, since they will be asked to present their mini-workshop to the long distance reps. Maintain a consistent meeting schedule month to month for both live and long distance meetings.

Online teleconferences and webinar meetings require special emphasis on the connections/networking challenges that these meetings have. Remember that:
Friends do not let friends down. Networking creates friendships and friendships will improve team retention.

It is therefore essential to prioritize this piece of technologically-based training events. As a leader, it is important that you personally connect with local consultants and ask them to come on the long-distance meeting. In this way, you can develop the connection between the local team and the long distance team.

It is important to include the networking segment into your meetings because it will foster friendship.

Yes, it is possible for long-distance sales consultants to develop relationships, friendships and connection in technology based meetings. Some of the techniques mentioned in the previous articles can be incorporated into an online or teleconference meeting with a little extra creativity.

Team Building Long Distance Networking

For some examples of team building and networking activities for technology based seminars might be:

  • Assign long distance consultants a partner to have a phone conversation with prior to the call. Then introduce each other to the call.
  • Ask reps to share about themselves or “what went right in their business this week” while showing a picture of each rep on the webinar screen.
  • Another fun “get to know one other” technique is the “I am awesome” empowerment game. This is a fun game that will definitely generate friendships!

I Am Awesome, Team Training Game

The “I am awesome” team training game is a fun game that will definitely generate friendships! Here is how it goes:
Assign meeting attendees partners whom they will call once per week between the meeting. One is “awesome” and the other is “terrific”. Each team is asked to call their partner once a week. They will talk twice in a week as they will call each other once. On the call it goes like this: “ Hi Awesome, this is Terrific” How are you?

The conversation is only about good things in their business or finding solutions to a challenge. No negative talk allowed. The must call themselves by their new given names and use each others names several times in the call reminding each other how Terrific or Awesome they really are.

On the next team training event, the networking portion focuses on how powerful, rewarding and fun the event was.

As you can see there are ways to creatively add networking and friendship to a technologically-based meeting. I know that the education and recognition aspects are simple, so take your live meeting and use the exact same template, then put all your additional efforts into developing friendships.

  • Meeting makers make more money.
  • No one quits when they are making money.
  • Friendships will improve team retention.

When you take the time to plan a successful team meeting either online or offline, your team will grow.

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