Direct Selling Meeting Planning Template (Meetings #3)

Planning a direct selling team meeting does not have to be hard!

The meeting planning template below will simplify your life and create effective meetings!

This is the third article in our series of meeting planning for direct selling team building.

If you have not read the full series you should probably start with the first one:  Team Meeting Planning #1.

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Your Consultant Meeting Topics

team Building meeting templateThe average direct selling company has 3-4 general services.

Every meeting should include training on all of the most important topics that you train on. It could be any of the following:

  • Bookings
  • Prospecting & Finding business
  • Sharing the opportunity AKA recruiting
  • presentation and sales skills
  • Host coaching

Those are just ideas.

The individual topics will vary depending on your sales company.

Try to pick the 3-4 top or primary topics for your company, as most other topics will fall under those, such as “product knowledge” would be a subtopic under presentation or sales skills.

Best Meeting Topics Template

This meeting topic template will serve all your personality types and bring the sales consultants the best possible learning environment.

When you use the same system to get ready for every meeting, your meetings will be simple, stress free and serve all of the personalities of your team.

Your monthly meeting would then be divided into 5 parts with each of the primary topics being presented at every meeting in one of workshops. A sample meeting agenda would be as follows.

  • Arrival time & Networking
  • Workshop 1: Presentations: discuss presentation skills, sales skills, product knowledge
  • Workshop 2: Opportunity: work on recruiting skills, interview questions, recognizing red flags, etc.
  • Workshop 3: Bookings-Finding Business: dedicated discussion of finding business, leads or bookings and becoming better at it.
  • Workshop 4: Host Coaching
  • Recognition & Wrap-up

Every meeting would include a segment or mini-workshop on each topic. Every other topic would most likely fall under one of the main topic headings as a subtopic.

Plan Your Meeting Presenters

One of the biggest mistakes that many leaders make is that they are the only one conducting the meeting. After you figure out what your primary training topics are, then you can apply them to the three-part template as I did above.

Now each month just divide the meeting up into your appropriate parts as they relate to your business and pick a presenter for each segment.

  • An outside speaker
  • A newbie
  • A seasoned rep
  • A consultant who is not that good but did something well
  • Another leader in your organization
  • You
  • A video
  • Home office representative

Download Meeting Planning Template

planning direct selling meetingsThe leader then picks a different training style for each meeting workshop segment.

  • roundtable
  • divide into groups
  • lecture
  • networking
  • game
  • theme
  • video-audio
  • combination of two of the above

This meeting template makes planning a meeting simple.

By applying a different presenter, different formats, and different material on the same topics that focus on the key business skills necessary to be successful in your direct selling business, you will train everyone on what they need and not alienate the seasoned reps with boredom.

download meeting planning template
Delegate the different parts of the sections out at each meeting for the next meeting.

Utilize the skills of your organization to assist with the meetings.

If you have a very social person, then they should be the greeter. If there is someone on your team who is awesome at recruiting for your direct sales company, then that person may be the one in charge of taking the visitors and new consultants under her or his wing so that no one feels left out.

Using the personality types within your organization will make it easier for you to host a meeting, keep everyone involved, develop friendships and create a team that leverages the personalities of everyone in the room.

Six Sales Meeting Tips

  • Do not be the presenter every time.
  • Do not “add on” when the other presenters are done – it makes it look like they did not do a good job.
  • The networking segment is very important. Put time into making it different each meeting.
  • Use themes to generate interest.
  • Keep them guessing by using the different formats and presenters.
  • Delegate and be specific. Tell your presenter exactly what point you want covered. Give them a format suggestion and meet with them via phone prior to the meeting to determine their content plan.

Online Meeting Planning – Sales Themes

Our last article in the series of effective team building focuses on online team meetings and overcoming some specific challenges with online and technology based meetings.

Sales meeting themes always make a fun meeting. Keep your sales team guessing with a different direct selling theme at every meeting.


    Shared by: Jenn Monterrozo:

    Great advice! I really need to remember Do not “add on” when the other presenters are done – it makes it look like they did not do a good job…..I find myself doing that way too often!

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