Never Complain Downline!

Never Complain Downline! That is what your upline is for!

Direct sales is known for training and support. You are never alone when you join a direct selling company.

If you are not getting what you need from your upline there is always someone above them who will be willing to work with you.

never complain

Not getting upline support should never be an excuse for lack of success! If your direct upline leader is not giving you what you need seek out a higher level and if necessary go all the way to the top!

Never Complain Down!

If you have a problem, complaint or need to vent NEVER complain down…. only discuss negative issues in regard to your business or company upline!

Even when personal issues are affecting your business performance it is always best to use your upline not your downline.

Similarly, a good manager or boss in the corporate world would never complain about his job, the company or problems s/he is having at home or on the job to the subordinate employees.

Complaining or venting down stirs up trouble, projects negativity on the team member and is just not fair to the downline member both on the job or in the direct sales team environment.

In addition, using your downline as a sounding board to vent your issues, whatever they may be, will decrease your effectiveness as a leader.

A leader who complains down is a leader who lacks the respect of their downline.

A key component of being a leader is to recognize the importance of only complaining UP!

That is the way the direct sales support system works, so use it!

Take your issues all the way to corporate if you have to but remember NEVER complain down!

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