One-On-One Coaching Requires 2

One-on-one coaching with consultants is often one of the most rewarding experiences for a leader and yet it can be equally frustrating as well!

Coaching and mentoring a team is often a parallel experience in that one of the most important aspects of being a leader can also be a thorn in your side!

One-On-One Coaching

It may be difficult, especially for new leaders, to accept and master the fact that often the consultant does not want what we think they should want.

Everyone joins direct sales to be successful and yet many do not participate in the activities that guarantee that success.
One On One Coaching
Direct sales is a duplicate-able system.

This means that when a consultant participates in the proven techniques, training and coaching programs that their leader performed and participated in then they will get the same results.

Unfortunately, many new distributors join thinking it will be EASY!

While it is simple, it certainly is not easy!

This is where the leaders’ frustrations often develop. Team members profess to want the benefits attributed to a successful direct seller but are not willing to do what it takes to get there!

Set The Bar Before They Sign Up

Working with your team starts before they even sign up. During the interview process it is important to set the bar for new consultants.
(This is part of the Direct Sales Recruiting University.)

Answer their questions in a way that establishes expectations.

  • Will I be expected to attend meetings?

You are in business for yourself but you are not alone. We do not require you to go to meetings or tell you what to do but the most successful consultants DO go to meetings!

  • How do I find business?

When I first started I had the same concern…. what I have found though is that there is plenty of business for those willing to go out and get it.  I take my team to a vendor event every month and use the showroom floor to teach you how to find business and also learn good word choices.

Notice how these types of answers are alleviating the concern and at the same time also implying that they will have to learn something and take some actions to achieve success.

After they sign up, you have already planted the seed.

“I Will Match My Time To Yours”

Team leaders attempting to provide one on one coaching for a non-participatory distributor frequently feel great frustration!

Tell every new consultant after they sign their papers that you are here to guide them to their goals. When they sign up – the very day they sign up…. say: “I Will Match My Time To Yours!”

Be fair and be patient but do not give an uninvolved team member’s business more of your time they they give of their own!

If, after they are through their initial super starter period, they are still not participating, leave a message for them that you will be there when they need you and do not hesitate to call when that time arises.

Then let them go…

You cannot make them want your services!

One On One Mentoring Means 2 People

One-on-one coaching requires 2 people!

1 plus 1 = one on one!

Say it NOW –  “I Will Match My Time To Yours”

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