Organize Your Thoughts At Conference

Are you going to the national sales rally or conference?

Do you have a team of distributors going?

Are you wondering how can you leverage the momentum they will get from the investment?

Make sure you organize your thoughts and notes before you get home and make a plan for the team to do the same!

As a distributor or team leader make a plan to get yourself and the team organized before you leave convention. That will create momentum once you all get back to the home office.

Organize Your Thoughts From Conference

This ridiculously simple way to organize your conference thoughts before leaving or at least on the airplane going home will really leverage your results.

Go through all your notes and make a grid using this format and just jot down each worthy idea in a column.

  1. What are you doing first?
  2. What are you going to implement after all the ASAPs are done?
  3. What do you want to remember to tackle in the long term?
  4. Highlight the first 2 actions to take tomorrow in the ASAP column.

Organize Your Thoughts
Team Activity To Organize Actions

A group meeting of all your conference attendees on the last day to go through this exercise together will carry over when you get home.

Whether it is at a meeting, by yourself, or as a team assignment take thirty minutes and go through all your notes before leaving convention and organize them. If you are traveling by air, then the airplane is a perfect place to do the exercise too.

You can do this digitally or virtually but I recommend a written-real-paper spreadsheet similar to the one pictured.

Digital is great but as the written version uses more senses it will be more effective and have a greater impact. Utilizing a real life hold-in-your hand piece of paper is visual, written and in a meeting setting hearing is engaged. More engagement means more impact.

This action – actually any action – immediately will create momentum and will carry over when you get home.
Download The Worksheet
Print or download this one or create your own using full sized paper.

When you and your team organize your thoughts in this simple way everyone will hit the ground running when you get back in the office.


    Shared by: Maria Blackwell:

    Deb, I love this! I already feel like I am losing some of the things I learned at conference! I will be sharing this idea with all the girls on my team that went with me to conference!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool, thanks for commenting, Maria – this is how I organized my thoughts at conference and still use it when coming back from speaking events!

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