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Learn direct selling team training systems: Get party plan consultants off to a strong start, plan great meetings & boost direct sales team retention.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It Is Not About You
The Gift That Keeps On Giving Team Training: Use this recruiting training as a team meeting activity so that your group gives The Gift That Keeps On Giving to their friends and your team grows!

Make The Sales Funnel Work For YOU!

The sales funnel is based on massive leads in the top and a graduated system of customer loyalty. Teach your team how to maximize business using the funnel!

Create A Leadership Culture To Grow

A team leader's attitude will be the whole teams attitude. The way to create a leadership culture is to expect everyone to move up the ladder create desire!

Nicki Keohohou On Leadership Development

Leadership Development
Listen To Nicki Keohohou On the Cash Flow Show Radio as we discuss leadership development and learn how to develop a team of leaders rather than followers.

Pick Launch Dates BEFORE Joining!

Launch Dates
Leaders who teach their new distributors to hold 2 launch dates and schedule them prior to joining will have more committed distributors. Learn - listen to Kathy Card on the radio.

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