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When you join the newsletter on this website, the Cash Flow Show you get the (normally unannounced bonus) recording called the “8 Biggest Mistakes Most Party Plan Consultants Make“.

Someone recently sent me an email asking for the written list of those (also called) “Secrets To Party Plan Success”.

I realized that I had never posted the full list so here it is. Join the newsletter to get the recorded version sent to you by email.party plan mistakes

The 8 Biggest Party Plan Mistakes


Secrets To Party Plan Success

The 8 secrets to success in a party plan business also happen to be the mistakes that most party plan consultants make.

They are:

  1. Most home party consultants think that host coaching is being pushy.
  2. This could not be further form the truth. In a survey done by the Direct Selling Association it was found that the overwhelming complaint of the hosts was that they did not hear from the consultant enough. I actually had first hand experience of this. The one and only show I ever hosted, I had to call the sales consultant and ask for the catalogs, then call again and get more, and call again and ask to get the show submitted. I was beginning to wonder if I should have been earning the commission. You are the expert and the hosts are looking for you to teach them how to have a good show. Remember: good shows mean better host benefits and happy hosts. Happy hosts tell their friends how terrific you are.

  3. Most consultants try to talk people into hosting shows or signing up to be consultants.
  4. This is doing just the opposite of what you want. When you try to convince instead of attract you actually put up a wall between you and your potential host or consultant. When you are excited about your business, your products and your services, you will attract the people who want to do business with you. Always play the numbers. It is all about sharing with enthusiasm and taking no for what it is. Never try to talk someone into doing business with you.

  5. Most home party reps talk too much, period.
  6. Your side of any conversation should be 10 seconds or less and always end in a question. When someone shows an interest in you, your product, services, or opportunity do not talk like the Energizer Bunny… and keep going, and going, and going…. share a tidbit and ask a question that gives you more information. If you hear yourself talking more than 10 seconds, then just pop out any question. Even if it doesn’t relate, it doesn’t matter.

  7. Most home party consultants do not have a plan for their show.
  8. A Cash Flow Show will not happen by accident. Have you thought out your party presentation? The Cash Flow Show party plan sales training is what this website is named after!

  9. Most home party reps do not use available support.
  10. When was the last time you talked to their upline? Do you go to meetings? I can tell you that the number of people who take advantage of the experience and trainings provided by their upline and/or home office are about 1 in 10. That is pretty sad. This is usually FREE support, training and mentoring. If you could do one thing differently to improve your performance, it would be to get active in your company. If there was a $100 dollar bill on the sidewalk would you pick it up, or walk by it? When you pass by on the support, you are passing by on the money too.

  11. Most home party representatives do not like to use the phone.
  12. This is a phenomenon which I find hard to understand. The phone is your cash register, the more you make it ring, (both incoming and outgoing calls) the more money you are making. I am amazed that people would even consider doing a home business if they hate to use the phone. Or does the aversion come after? Either way, ringing the cash register in any home party plan is as important as it is in the mini-market on the corner.

  13. Most home party sales consultant are needers instead of leaders.
  14. A direct sales leadership attitude is what it takes to succeed whether you want to be a manager or not! When you act like you need the potential host or consultant, then they are not interested. When you act like a leader, you will attract people who want what you have to offer. When you act like you have a dynamite product, service, or opportunity and you know it and it doesn’t mater if they want it or not, because you will be successful with or without them, then they will desire what you have.

  15. Most home business reps do not invest in their own growth.
  16. When you invest time and money into personal growth on a regular basis you will become a successful entrepreneur who can drive his/her own destiny. It has been said that when an individual studies his or her chosen trade for an hour a day; that person will attain the status of top 5 % in their chosen field within a year.

    As an example when I quit my cooperate job to enjoy a life at home, I invested most of my spare time into education and was rewarded with becoming one of the top 20 people in the whole United States (for the first year and 7 following) in personal sales within my company of 67,000 consultants.

The above mistakes are not the only mistakes made by party plan consultants but they are the most common!


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