Purple Pineapple Recognition Awards

When I first started planning team meetings I was told that your recognition awards need to be the same across the board for everyone.

What you do this year for your new consultants – you need to do it for those coming in next year.

Use the same system of recognition for everyone.

I do not agree with that philosophy.

Change Recognition Awards – Keep ‘Em Guessing!

recognition awardsI believe that your awards and recognition should be changed up frequently.

My philosophy on recognition, incentives and team meeting planning in general is “Keep ’em guessing!”

Do it differently every time.

Keep changing your system so your team is always engaged and attentive.

The goal, after all, is to keep your team interested and keep them coming back to the meetings, so the key is FUN!

Awards And Recognition

When considering your rewards or incentives, be sure to make appropriate choices for each situation.

Once I was in Chicago at an executive banquet and the upline leader gave all her top leaders a cement lawn ornament as a sales and recruiting reward.

We all got a cement lawn ornament although each one was a bit different.  My director received a rooster and I got a pineapple.

I am not complaining, but think about your awards!!

Did you ever carry a cement lawn ornament on an airplane?

Put some thought into your reward choices for your sales team.

The Purple Pineapple Recognition Awards

I am not the lawn ornament type so I decided to re-award (like re-gift) it!

As you can see above, I painted my pineapple purple.

I then created an ongoing series of recognition awards at my sales team meetings called The Purple Pineapple Award.

This became quite the coveted award.

It went to someone different every month.  The big announcement was always made with great fanfare.  The award went to anyone I felt like giving it to for any recognition that popped into my head.

  • Someone drove the farthest
  • A consultant who did a show the day before her baby was born
  • A distributor that had been with the company for 3 months and never did a show, but kept coming to meetings
  • A distributor that had been with the company for 3 months and never did a show, then did one
  • A consultant who picked up her 3 fellow reps every month and brought them to the meetings
  • The person who always came early and set up the chairs
  • Anyone who would not normally get recognition

Meeting Recognition

As I said The Purple Pineapple Award became the highlight of our sales meetings and was sought after by all!

Recognize The Un-recognizable

Sometimes recognizing someone who would not normally be recognized for the traditional awards will be a real boost for moral!

Don’t worry so much about being fair or doing it the same for all.

Keep your team guessing and they will keep coming back to meetings for more!


    Shared by: Judy:

    This inspired me to create The Pink Tulip Award. It’s a pink tulip with green leaves, made of wood, that someone gave me years ago.

    I haven’t had the heart to throw it out and rediscovered it when I went looking for something after reading this article. I like the fact that it can be for anything I want it to.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool! Sounds like a great incentive!! Fun, right?!

    Shared by: Mary Hulett:

    Great article, Deb. Perhaps a Pink Bunny award or a Chocolate Celery award…okay I have gone too far. Bottom line, keep trying different things to provide motivation and FUN! I want my team laughing and enjoying themselves. Thanks for sharing.

    Shared by: Deb:

    Yes, Jane but do not buy a cement one! I am sure that they make lighter maybe ceramic pineapples that will be lighter weight and serve the same function!! I guess that you could get a different ornament and I like the pineapple as it means hospitality which is appropriate for the industry.

    Shared by: Jane:

    Hmmm. Sounds like a wonderful award. I need to go to Lowes and get one. Thanks, Deb.

    Shared by: Kristie Sloan:

    This had got to be one of the funniest awards I’ve heard about. I can’t imagine having to haul it home on the plane. I’m curious, does the Purple Pineapple reside in one location now, or is it a “traveling” award?

    I have to agree with your “keep ’em guessing” philosophy. It keeps it fresh and interesting!

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