How To Pick A Small Business Coach

When looking for coaching services it is important to understand your goal in seeking a small business coach.

4 Steps To Pick Small Business Coach

The first step to picking a business coach is the most often overlooked point….

What problem would you like solved!?

#1 – Your Goal Seeking Business Coaching Services

Believe it or not MANY consultants come to me for coaching without a clear definition of what they are seeking a solution to!

What are your goals in seeking business coaching services?

Be very specific!

When you utilize the SMART goal model of goal planning to write out your coaching expectations you will be ready to start looking for a coach.

#2 – The Business Coach’s Expert Status

Once you have a detailed understanding of the expected outcome of hiring a small business coach the next step to consider is the expertise of those available.
Does the potential coach, speak, write and teach on YOUR topics?

Does the coach have both business experience AND coaching/mentoring experience?

Is s/he a credentialed expert and/or is there 3rd party evidence of their authority in the field?

A certified coach has training but there are many coaches who have walked the walk and talked the talk for years who may be as good or better in the niche that you are looking for a solution to.

For example, I have chosen NOT to become credentialed as a ‘certified coach’ because I have the expertise and the systems of success that are able to be duplicated and easily taught to others. I have never felt the need to have a certificate telling me that I know how to coach and teach party plan.

I can help others get unstuck without the certificate!
Read More About Deb Bixler’s Credentials

Does your potential small business coach also have additional support materials such as books, audios, published articles, a (party plan) niche specific blog or other published support materials that verify their expertise?

#3 – Publicly Available Testimonials

After you have narrowed down your coaches to a few who seem as though they may be compatible check their testimonials from past customers.

A good testimonial will include a name, company, and picture of the reviewer and a website link would be nice too!

If your potential coach does not have any online public testimonials just ask!

All good coaches have happy customers!

#4 – Determine Compatibility = FREE Coaching

A mentor can have all the credentials in the world and if their style does not match your personality then it won’t work.

Before hiring a coach be sure to take advantage of any complimentary coaching services they offer!

Make a reservation for a
complimentary coaching call

No FREEBIES? That is a deal-breaker!

During the free session the coach should be letting you do most of the talking and asking questions that challenge you.

Did you have any aha! moments of insight during the call?

Do you feel motivated by challenges presented?

Was the coach holding you accountable for actions to follow?

Other Considerations Looking For Business Coach

  • Financing: Clear and easy to understand fees that are within your budget.
  • Is It A Team? Will you be working with someone else besides the person you expected?
  • Availability: Consider time zone issues and whether the coach’s hours match your expectations.

A direct sales business coach is a major investment for any consultant – do your research so that your money is well spent!

With good research to find the right business growth coach your money will be returned in multiples!

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