Make The Most Of The Starter Kit!

Getting your new consultant off to a great start can sometimes be as simple as using the super starter kit the way it was designed!

The starter kit was not just thrown together without any thought. Your company had a plan and put careful consideration into what they wanted to accomplish when creating the kit.

The starter kit is designed to get your team member off to a great start and it usually includes training, sales tools, and samples. Most likely they included what it takes to become a qualified consultant.

If it takes 6 shows to become a qualified consultant then the kit would normally provide the new distributor with everything they need for their first 6 shows.

starter kitA qualified consultant is a successful consultant!

Use The Starter Kit To Train

The company had a well-thought-out plan when they put together the kit so use it as a tool to set the bar for new consultant expectations.

Refer to the kit in your new consultant training just like you would refer a hostess to the hostess benefit package.

The more you can get your new consultant into the kit the quicker they will take action!
Another example of leveraging the kit is to use the hostess benefit flier in training.

The hostess benefit flier usually has a chart or worksheet for the hostess to list use that helps her/him to think of as many people as possible to invite to the party.

Suggest that the consultant get out the hostess flier and use it to explain the benefits to them.

Then ask the new consultant to create a list using the same hostess memory jogging sheet to help them think of who they should plan to contact about their new business.

Get your new distributor into the kit by reinforcing what the company has focused on.

Use words that set the same expectations that the company did. On the first call to your new distributor or even when interviewing the potential consultant before they join, you may say things like:

“Your super starter kit has everything you need for the first 6 shows. When (not if) you do those in the first 60 days you will (not could) earn an additional $560 in free products.”

Reference the literature that reinforces the bars that the corporate office has set. The bonus fliers, the hostess benefit package, the compensation plan literature are all in the kit for a reason.

Most likely there is a ‘fast start’ checklist of some sort…. clear instructions of what to do first!

Use it to your advantage by communicating with your new team member with the same messages!

2nd Purpose Of Starter Kit

There are many considerations when putting together the kit.  The second primary purpose of a starter kit, one not often discussed, is to prevent kit-nappers.

The first 2 purposes of the kit are:

  1. To get your consultant off to a good start by including what it takes to be a successful direct seller.
  2. Create a barrier for non-working starters and kit-nappers.

Your kit requirements, monetary investment and commitment levels are designed to eliminate people who just want free products and have no plans to do anything.

When interviewing your interested leads do not minimize the requirements of buying the kit. Some companies go as far as to actually say something like this in the agreement:

“You are getting X amount of products at this greatly reduced price and in exchange for that awesome deal you are agreeing to do at least 6 shows in your first 60 days.”

If the written requirements or implied expectations are to do 6 shows in your first 60 days after buying the kit, then share that with your lead.

By forgetting to mention the expectations or just glossing over them, you are making it sound too easy!

The entry bars, whether they be financial or work required, are there to reduce the number of dropouts.

Think carefully before offering a free kit…. often a free kit does nothing more than waste your money!

When someone understands what is expected of them before joining, the chances of getting consultants who actually DO the work and achieve success are greatly increased!

Your new consultant is an asset that needs to be developed!

Leverage the thought that your company has put into creating the kit to save time and money!

You do not have to recreate the wheel!

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