Team Meeting Planning For Team Growth (#1)

This is the first in a 4 part series on team meeting planning for building an effective team..

The series will cover meeting planning tips that will increase team attendance at all meetings both online and off!

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Planning Team Meetings

It is important to plan your team meetings (online and off) to create that create an environment that is fun, interesting and keeps team members coming back for more.

When building a direct sales team it is essential to have effective team meetings!

Meeting Makers Make More Money!
No One Quits When They Are Making Money!

It is obvious that, based on the above two statements, the key to team building and retention is to get your sales consultants to meetings.

Team Building Tips For Building An Effective Team

team building tips for building an effective teamLike everyone else, the marketing industry is relying on online networking to bring in new team members, as well as for team training.

With the technological focus of the direct selling industry, it has become more and more important to connect with your team in a meeting environment.

Sales leaders who are keeping up with the times and recruiting using the internet will take advantage of live meetings as well as meeting formats such as webinars, tele-seminars and online forums or chats. We will cover the online meeting more in a future post as part of this series.

Team Meeting Planning For Success

Regardless of the meeting format, all meetings should be planned is such a way as to serve five purposes to be effective. Your team meetings should include aspects that support and encourage all the skills necessary at to building a successful business.

Every meeting should include:

  • networking
  • collaboration
  • friendship
  • education/tips
  • support/recognition

Meetings That Encourage Networking

The networking and collaboration aspect of your team meeting should not be overlooked. Encouraging the sharing of ideas with like-minded professionals is a key aspect of running a good sales meeting. This piece of your meeting is as important as the educational piece.

Specific steps should be taken to encourage networking, especially so with internet or tele-seminar based meetings. (We will discuss this further in a later article.) In the live meeting setting, scheduling a specific time and activity to encourage networking is beneficial. Networking games or icebreakers will encourage your team to get to know one other.

Team Networking Games

Print networking meeting games Examples of team networking games are:

Network With “Find Your Partner”

As the meeting organizer, you set up a series of matches that will encourage networking.

  • ham and beans
  • turkey and stuffing
  • waffles and syrup
  • chocolate and ice cream
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • and so on….

Then as the team arrives they are required to pick a card with one half of the combination on it, and network to find their match. Participants can only ask open-ended questions, not those requiring a yes or no answer.

“Sales Consultant Find Me” Game

team buildingAnother good ice breaker is to create a series of note cards with interesting facts on each card about each attending sales consultant. Examples of this include:

  • Has twins
  • Husband is a dentist
  • First name begins with a St
  • 3 boys over 18
  • A newborn baby
  • Is a lawyer
  • Loves the color purple
  • And so on….

Each arriving team member picks a card and then networks to find the appropriate person, then chats to learn more about the team member. During the meeting, each person would introduce their person to the group.

These icebreakers will encourage your team to get to know one other and become friends.

Successful Direct Sales Meeting Networking Tips

Another sales meeting tip that will create an environment that is more conducive to successful networking is to NOT have the chairs set up as the team arrives.

Regardless of whether the meeting room is using tables or theater style seating, the important thing is that if the chairs are placed then most likely your team will sit in their comfortable little groups and not network as a larger group.

One of the easiest ways to encourage networking is to NOT set up the chairs. Each team member can grab a chair out of a stack on the sideline when the meeting is going to start.

Networking creates friendships. Friends do not let friends down. When your direct sales team members become friends and not just fellow sales consultants, they will have a higher likelihood of coming back to meetings. Meeting-makers make more money, so networking is key to developing friendships and those friendships will improve team retention.

In the next team meeting article we will address collaboration.

Keep your sales team meetings fun and encourage networking so that your direct sales team members becomes friends and your sales organization will grow as team retention increases.


    Shared by: Linda:

    Right now our meetings are very small, but will remember these ideas as we grow!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      The sooner you start planning and effective team meeting the sooner your team will grow!!

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