Effective Direct Sales Team Building (Meetings #2)

This is the second in a series of direct sales team building articles that focus on planning effective meetings.

In our last article, Team Meeting Planning #1 we discussed how important networking is to encourage social friendships.

Collaboration, on the other hand, has more of a business focus.

Team Building Through Collaboration

Networking also fosters collaboration between your direct sales team members.
Effective Direct Sales Team Building
That is another important reason to schedule adequate networking time for casual collaborative interaction.

Collaborating with like-minded professionals enhances the results for all involved. Bouncing ideas off others, using the mastermind technique of solving problems, and searching out solutions are creative ways to use the personalities of different team members to grow everyone’s business.

Creating a team meeting that encourages collaborative efforts will greatly increase your team meeting effectiveness, as well as the results of your sales team. The networking time that we discussed in the last article will automatically generate natural collaborative efforts.

Some examples of structured collaboration activities that should be included in every direct sales team meeting in addition to scheduled networking time are:
Team Building

  • breaking off into groups with an assignment based on a workshop topic
  • setting up teams of consultants to troubleshoot various scenarios
  • sharing success stories as a group

Team Building Support and Education

All direct selling companies have structured training materials and support systems. Support and sales training are reasons that direct selling is such a successful business model.

There is always someone upline or sideline who is willing to support fellow team members without fear of being replaced.

Unfortunately, education and one-on-one team-building are pieces of the industry that are getting diluted in the age of technology. (Our last article in this series will address specific challenges to technology based education and support.)

At a live team meeting, support and recognition can take on a wide variety of forms.

It is important to remember however that everyone’s needs are different. Whether in recognition or in individual or team support an effective leader must recognize and serve all of the different personality types.

Planning Meetings For All Personalities

Sales meetings that reach all personalities have several different teaching styles.

Following a meeting planning guide will make meeting planning simple for you and fun for your team, so that they keep on coming back no matter what personality type they are.

In our next article we will discuss a simple meeting planning template that will give you a step-by-step technique for planning an effective team meeting month after month.

Meeting makers make more money.

Planning an effective team meeting that is fun will keep your direct sales team coming back for more.

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