Encourage Team Collaboration For The Good Of All

Team collaboration depends on respect. A leader who is encouraging collaboration can develop a collaborative team culture.

A team that works together achieves more.
A leader who creates an environment of communication, interaction and group actions will create a team that accomplishes more.

Define What Team Collaboration Means

As a leader encouraging collaboration you should define what you expect.

The more ways that you can help a team to collaborate, the more high-performing they will be:

  • Communication is essential and it is not just from upline to downline. Every distributor should be able to communicate with equality and authority—it promotes openness and ownership.
  • Each individual’s perspective must be taken into account. Make it known that your team is filled with diverse perspectives and unique ways of thinking, which is why you love them so much. When you honor each individual’s uniqueness they will be comfortable expressing it.
  • Accountability is key, so expect it. When you expect accountability the team will deliver.
  • Promote collaboration on all formats. ONLY meetings won’t cut it anymore. Things move too fast and the fast movers will move with them if you don’t use them. Use all resources…like Google Hangouts, tele-classes, Facebook groups and events and any other ideas that would uniquely appeal to your consultants.
  • Tell them what your definition of collaboration is! There is a huge difference between being polite, communicative and basically ineffective to being active, challenged and an effective team collaborator that achieves results as a group.

Team collaboration does not mean they agree all the time.  Sometimes it is tough to ensure that individual perspectives are valued even when alternate decisions are made, but it is essential that each team member realizes their input has been considered and appreciated.

Encouraging team collaboration will develop a group of high-performers and a culture of seeking out new ways of working, new ideas, and different perspectives, so that as a group they reach clear goals and better solutions.

Everyone accomplishes more with team collaboration.


    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    Marvelous…everything you said is what I wish my upline would do, esp the input being considered.

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