4 Team Leader Tips On The Radio!

Great show!!

Each set on this Cash Flow Show Radio broadcast features a different direct sales leader and their quick tips on getting new team members off to a great start!

4 different companies, 4 different leaders, 4 super starter tips!

You can listen to the first set of the team leader’s show here 24/7 and/or check the schedule to listen to the full Cash Flow Show broadcasting daily.

4 Team Leader Tips

  • Sandy Kreps, Scentsy Family: Set the date for the first party BEFORE joining. Sandy’s segment can be listened to above 24/7.
  • Isabel Acosta, Life Shotz: Conduct a Strategy Session with your new team member within 48 hours of her or him getting started.
  • Gwen Marie Cleck, Jordan Essentials: Set yourself up for success by committing to use a goal card.
  • Brian Hurlburt: Watkins Products Company: Expect Speed Bumps and plan to overcome them

Everyone had GREAT tips to get your team off to a great start!

I especially liked the visual of the tic-tac-toe style goal card that Gwen talked about!

Listen to the full “Team Leader Tips” show through October 21, 2014.

–> On any computer just type in www.CashFlowShowRadio.com and you will be taken straight to the radio show page for online listening.

–> On a tablet or SmartPhone: Just get the ‘wsRadio’ FREE app in your app center then tune in at the scheduled time. We are in studio B.

Daily Broadcast Times:

Wed: 5 PM PST | 6 PM MST | 7 PM CST | 8 PM EST
Thurs: 5 AM PST | 6 AM MST | 7 AM CST | 8 AM EST
Fri: 3 PM PST | 4 PM MST | 5 PM CST | 6 PM EST
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