Team Meeting Theme: Planting Seeds

One of the best ways to keep meeting attendance high at both live and virtual events is to have a fun and educational team meeting theme.

Creating and planning team meetings with exciting topics and sales meeting themes will keep your team guessing as to what is coming next.

Good meetings will keep them coming back for more!

A Team Meeting Theme

The Johnny Appleseed team meeting theme is fun and easy to tie into almost any training topic!

Plant the seeds of the future!
Team Meeting Themes

How To Organize Johnny Appleseed Meeting

A week or so in advance give everyone a heads up to bring a packet of seeds to the meeting. When you ask everyone to bring a package of their favorite seeds without any further explanation, it will generate curiosity and it gives you a hands-on topic of discussion.

When your team uses more of their senses, they learn more.

You can bring little peat moss pots and everyone can plant their seeds while you discuss the concept of planting seeds for the future to grow your business.

What you do today affects your business most 3 months down the road…
team team meeting themes
You can have the topic be general or specific. Whether you apply it to hostess coaching, recruiting or business in general, the discussion focuses on what we are going to do this week or this month to increase or generate income in the future.

Everyone will bring different kinds of seeds showing that we all run our businesses differently and there is no right or wrong answer.

Is your team planting the seeds for the future?

Are you planting the seeds today so that you can reap the harvest down the road?

Creative Meeting Ideas

It is easy to give tips at your sales meeting but getting creative with your team meeting ideas will really help your team members keep coming back for more.

An engaged team member learns more and becomes more proactive in business!

When a team connects at the meeting, they become more committed to their business because they are committed to friendships.

Be creative with your team meeting themes and make every meeting different.

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