The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you are having a team holiday meeting/party this month then the “Gift That Keeps On Giving” is the the perfect activity to include.

It is fun, interesting, educational and not too time-consuming. It will work perfectly with the more festive team meeting planned for December.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving is a fun and interactive way to teach your team to share the recruiting gift. It will get your team thinking about who they can share the gift of the business opportunity with.
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Download or print the gift-giving worksheet below and share this team-building activity at your next meeting.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Direct sales is the gift that keeps giving!

When planning your team meeting or holiday party for December include this fun theme for the recruiting training segment.

Everyone is already thinking of the perfect gift for friends and family, so why not use that thought process as a training module.

Nothing complicated here….

“Who do you know who can use the gift of MyFantasticCompany’s income opportunities?”

  • Brainstorm conversation starters and scripts to share.

The gift that keeps givingMake the workshop fun!

You may want to have colored pencils or crayons and have them color the image and also jot down on the image how the opportunity will change that person’s life.

It is important to stress the benefits of the business and what it will do for their friend or family member on a personal level.

What Does The Gift Really Mean?

Spend some time working through different scenarios and scripting out how each person may share the gift in conversations over the holidays.

Your team will see many people that they may not run into as often throughout the rest of the year so this is a perfect time to help them feel more comfortable sharing the opportunity.

Challenge your team to connect with each person that they would like to share their gift that keeps on giving with over the holidays!

Make this a team incentive and have a follow up meeting in January to greet the newcomers!

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