Chicken & Stars Training Theme

This is a fun team meeting training theme that will keep your team on track long after the meeting is over!

Chicken & Stars Training Theme

Use this unique theme at live meetings, virtual meetings or during tele-classes.

A week or so before the meeting, send a postcard, post a status update in the team Facebook group, send an email or robot-call and tell everyone to bring a can of Chicken & Stars soup to the meeting.
Training Theme
No other explanation is necessary. You are creating an aura of intrigue.

“What is she up to now?!”

Then at the meeting, have a segment on networking, phone calls, host coaching, recruiting or any topic you want using the training theme: “Are you a chicken or a star?”

“Are you a STAR?”

Define specifically what being a STAR means:

  • A star talks to 3 people everyday about the business opportunity!
  • A star will host coach each host using the 3 contact system.
  • A star conducts customer service calls every day.

Or are you a CHICKEN?

Define being a CHICKEN:

  • Do you make plans and then chicken out?
  • Do you say you are going to do it then don’t?

During the exercise have discussions on what turns a star into a chicken or what holds people back from taking action.

The topic can be anything you want then use the team training theme and the definition of what a chicken is vs a star to set expectations for certain set of behaviors then create a challenge for the coming month.

Tell everyone to keep the soup can next to the phone or in the office as a reminder to look at until the next meeting to decide if they are a chicken or a star.

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