What Makes A Great Leader?!

Phyllis O’Neill is an independent consultant and Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts. She has been a friend and Cash Flow Show follower for years!

Phyllis left the corporate world after 26 years due to stress-related issues and now, working from home, has never been happier! She loves to laugh and joke and have fun! Phyllis and her husband have three grown children.

She is a great leader and was quick to reply when I asked her what the qualities of a great leader are!

What Makes A Great Leader

Wow, there are so many qualities a leader should have.
What Makes A Great Leader

These are what I would say are the best leadership qualities to look for in your direct sales consultants and not necessarily in this order:

  • Communication – You must communicate with your team on a consistent basis. This is how you build relationships and trust.
  • Compassion – We all lead different lives and come from different places. We must always be compassionate and understanding with everyone.
  • Humility – A leader should never take all the credit herself for her success. I would not be successful if I didn’t help others be successful.
  • TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More. I am blessed with an amazing team.
  • Integrity – It is of utmost importance to be a leader who is moral and ethical.
  • Respect – A leader must earn the respect of others. You must practice what you preach and praise what you want repeated.
  • Honesty – Always and nothing less. Do not be afraid to admit if you’re wrong.
  • Sense of Humor – life is too short to not have fun! I love joking and laughing, not only with my team, but at my parties, too!

There comes a time in your life when you know you just can’t keep on doing what you’ve always done or you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.
thirty-one consultant
It may take a big leap of faith, but I work with many women and one of the greatest rewards ever is when they see themselves being successful, too!

It won’t happen overnight, but with consistency, determination and dedication (more leadership qualities) success is within reach for everyone!

Wishing you the best, Phyllis O’Neill
Thirty-One Gifts is a faith-based direct sales company offering a beautiful variety of products including handbags and totes, storage products, stationery, baskets, and products for kids and teens.

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