What’s My Name? Simple Icebreaker

There is nothing worse than showing up to a meeting, party or gathering where everyone stands around, barely talking because nobody really knows one another.

This is the perfect time for some good icebreaker games that will get everyone talking and enjoying getting to know the other people in the group.

One secret to team retention is to get your team to HAVE FUN and make friends, so when planning your training be sure to always include meeting ice breakers!

Whenever you are having a meeting, party or some sort of an event that calls for mingling and socializing, look into a few good games that will surely break the ice and get everyone talking so that the friendships begin!

Whether it is a team training meeting or you home party a good icebreaker will make them want more!

The What’s My Name Icebreaker

whats my name“What’s My Name” is a great icebreaker game that you can use for just about any size group.

It is simple to play and simple to organize!

Take self-sticking name tags and write the names of celebrities or iconic people on them, then simply place them on the backs of each guest to arrive.

While mingling, each guest will ask the others various questions to help them hopefully figure out who they are supposed to be.

Once they guess the name of the person listed on their back, they can then take the tag and move it to their front. Guests just love asking interesting questions to try and guess the names.

By having a great way to get everyone involved, you will soon see the barriers come down and everyone can start to get to know each other.

The more everyone talks and gets involved, the more laughter will erupt.

Icebreaker games are definitely a fantastic way to turn your ordinary party or gathering into an extraordinary one.  All you have to do is plant the seed and let the games begin.

As you can see a good icebreaker does not have to be complicated but it will keep your audience engaged so that they want more whether it be meetings, shows or time with their friends!

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