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In-Depth Review: Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets

If there's one thing every marketer especially aspiring new marketers needs, it's to find their voice, to become a leader in their field, to convert your hundreds if not thousands of visitors to lifelong customers. Russel Brunson, a prominent marketing leader, on May 12, 2020, published a book called Expert Secrets. It is this book, this very book that has helped me and thousands of other marketers reach a level of success not possible without an expert paving the way.

In this in-depth review of Russel Brunson's Expert Secrets, you will know everything you need to know to be an expert in your field, to find the success that was always yours, and to know for yourself if this book is truly for you.

If you have been looking for a book, to learn and grow from, this is definitely worth picking up. If at any point during your read, you're confused or need clarification. Please, contact us. We're here. We will respond.

This is a book worth being part of your entrepreneurial arsenal. It is filled with actionable tables that help you communicate even more effectively with your core audience, to build your brand and foster an ever-growing community of loyal followers and customers.

What Is My In-Depth Review of Expert Secrets Different from Others?

Listen, the fact that you're reading this means that you're interested in knowing more about Expert Secrets and if truly is for you but what makes my in-depth review from the countless others you've seen online?

Well, first, I have actually read Russell's book. I know that's not really impressive but you might be surprised to find out just how many of these other 'reviews' have never actually read Expert Secrets. It's just someone for them to market, not really grow from and help others reach success.

Listen, I have been doing online marketing for over a decade and I know exactly what I should look for and look out for when reading a book like this. What is amateur posturing to actual real-life experiences shared by an expert who's been down the same road you're on?

Second, this is an up-to-date review. Did you know that the original Expert Secrets by Russell was over 60,000+ words? The latest version is now around 40,000+ words, with 20,000 words cut out, that's practically a brand new book. Filled with only relevant information and key expert insights into building a community and growing your reach and your influence.

Expert Secrets' Author: Who's Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson, a very successful online marketer, started making a name for himself in 2003 when he sold his software company ZipBrander - a marketing tool used to drive traffic and increase profits automatically - it was this sale that helped Russell further increase his influence in 2005 when he yet another prime example of how effective and lucrative online marketing can be.

Russell, in 2005, create a DVD course called "How to Create a Potato Gun." Within this course is a section where Russell offers an option for the viewer to purchase his potato gun kit - this was a prime example of upsell marketing that is to sell a product within a product. A convenience to help relieve the stress of DIY-ing it yourself. Simple and effective.

For over 12+ years now, Russell has been building and scaling businesses online. He has multiple businesses from a supplement company, a coaching company, a software, and most notably ClickFunnels, a SaaS company valued at over 360 million dollars, which is basically his business where he provides solutions for thousands of entrepreneurs to reach and grow a streamline of steady customers.

But arguably, Russell is most well-known as a New York Times' Best Selling Author, his best-selling books are:

  • Dotcom Secrets
  • Expert Secrets
  • and Traffic Secrets

Russell is known for his down-to-earth style of writing where he not only shares his expert-level tactics and tips but his writing is very relatable. It feels like he's talking to you, it's so easy to read and understand everything he writes.

Expert Secrets' Summary

Originally published in 2017, the 1st edition came with 359 pages, scoring a rating of well over 4.6 on Amazon with over 1,000+ positive reviews Russell Brunson's 2nd book in his Secrets Trilogy is one of my personal favorites. It comes in a wide variety of reading formats from your traditional paper edition to E-Books.

This book was made to help marketers communicate with their potential customers. In Russell's Dotcom Secrets Book, he showed marketers how to build their own profitable sales funnel from design secrets, value ladder, sales scripts, and many more. But he found out that a lot of marketers had problems talking to their customers.

The purpose of Expert Secrets is to help communicate your message, your product, and your services to an audience who is captivated by your words. Where they feel, they're not talking to another salesperson who doesn't care about them but this teaches you how to relate to them and best of all, how to make your words feel down-to-earth and very approachable.

Who is this Book for?

  • Someone who wants to get paid for their expertise
  • Someone who wants to increase their reach
  • Someone who wants to influence and impact their build
  • Someone who wants to build a steady loyal following of dedicated fans and lifelong customers
  • Someone who wants to get paid for their knowledge and expertise, regardless of what stage they're on

In-Depth Review of Russel Brunson's Expert Secrets

The book has recently come out with its 2nd edition while retaining all the valuable lessons and tactics found in the 1st edition. This book has the tactics, techniques, and secrets that experts around the world don't want you to know. In the 2nd edition, Russell has updated his book to meet current market needs and wants. All written with his trademark down-to-earth, relatable style of writing. It has 4 critical sections to discover and learn from.

Section One - Creating and Building Your Own Mass Movement

Without a loyal community, a legion of dedicated followers who all benefit and thrive from you. The likelihood of your business becoming a success is very low. Regardless, of your expertise, the products, and the services you offer. A loyal and thriving community where they feel they are part of a movement is so vital to your business' success.

The 3-Pillar to Creating a Mass Movement:

  • An attractive and/or charismatic leader.
  • A goal that feels big, grand, feeling impossible to reach but with you, it is.
  • You give opportunities for your audience to grow forward.

This 1st section tells you all about how to attain those "true fans" whether that's on Facebook, a blog, a podcast, Instagram, YouTube, or face-to-face. Whatever field you're in, your true fan will be right there to support you and purchase from you. They do this because you show where they're heading and persuade them that it's worth going there with you.

It is through you that they will be able to reach this impossible, daunting dream, to reality, they could have never realized with you.

To achieve this level of impact, Russell reveals 6 critical secrets you will need:

Secrets #1 - Find Your Voice

Finding your voice means that you will be the one who will offer the solutions to their problems. You will be the one who will have the answers, give helpful advice, and provide that radical solution that will forever change their lives.

There are 5 phases to you finding your voice:

  • The Dreamer: believing in yourself
  • The Reporter: learning everything about your niche or topic
  • Framework Creator: create a framework (course, product, etc) around everything you've learned
  • Servant: test it on yourself first
  • Expert Guide: Start teaching others. The results you give to others will be your social proof.
Secrets #2 - Teach Them Your Frameworks

Don't just sell, sell, sell especially products and services that don't help them specifically. Provide them with the skills, knowledge, the experience they will need to achieve the success they want.

A good structure for teaching your framework is: 

  • Share how you overcame your problems or how you learned from it
  • Show them the plan you came up with
  • Teach them how you did it. What were the steps you took to get to where you are
  • Show social proof. Show that others have tried and succeeded with using your products
Secrets #3 - The Three Forever-Green Markets or Desires

There are 3 markets that are forever-green meaning they will always make money. Every product that you have that is based on any or all of these desires will make you money:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Remember, whenever a person buys a service or product from you, they hope or are expecting a certain result from you in any one of those areas in their lives.

Secrets #4 - The 'New' Opportunity

Creating new opportunities means to personalize. It's not about who's my market. It's about where is my market, what my dream customers look like, and what are their current problems. Personalize, fit your product or service to fit what your dream customer needs and you are guaranteed to make money.

How to find 'new' opportunities: 

  • Find the core problem or the #1 result your 'dream' customer wants.
  • Write down all the obstacles that your 'dream' customer has.
  • Find an easy "vehicle" or process that shows that it is possible to overcome their problems.
  • You can repackage your 'new opportunity' in multiple ways meaning the approach can be different every time but the product is the same.
Secrets #5 - Repacking The Same Solution

Freshen up your content, and repack the same solution you've been selling for years. Change it from the written word to audio, to video, maybe even live seminars. Again, personalize. Make it feel like this product was specifically made for your dream customer. Make it personal, and your customers will agree to pay a higher price for the same solution.

Secrets #6 - Future-Based Cause

Your job as the expert, the guide for your audience to help create a vision, a reality where the impossible becomes possible. Helping them move forward and up, to a higher level, to a place where they deserve. Create a journey where your customer goes through achievement and transformation. This is how you create a loyal, true fan.

How to Build & Thrive - Future-Based Cause 101: 

  • When you launch your product, make it super-clear that this will guide them to the result they desire most.
  • Give your community a name, something they can rally behind.
  • Create milestone rewards.
  • Simply helping achieve a result is not enough, your community must go through a journey of transformation and/or achievements.

Section Two - Creating Beliefs

Section 1 - Discusses

What you must become to create and build a thriving community. You learned or will learn that it's not about selling anybody, anything, and everything. It's about creating a journey where you lead as the expert, the guide, on a lifelong journey of achievements and transformations.

Section 2 discusses the power of beliefs. The power of a belief creates:

  • Belief creates opportunities
  • Belief creates customers
  • Belief creates results

As an expert, you do not just throw solutions (products & services) to your customers. You create a story to plant an idea, and if they find your idea (solution). You've sold them or they've sold themselves.

Secrets #7 - The Epiphany Bridge

An epiphany aka the "ah-ha" or "lightbulb" moment, is where a person finds an answer to their problem. Storytelling will be your expertise through the story you create, your customer will experience a multitude of emotional experiences that will push them to be excited about the solution that you offer. Why? Because you were the one who guided them, trust has already been established.

Step away from all the techno jargon, come and meet where your customers are. "Help" them feel all the emotions they need so that they come with you to the impossible dream.

Secrets #8 - Hero's Two Journey

The traditional hero's journey storyline has 3 components that you can liken to your customer. They are: 

  • The Character (customer)
  • The Desire (belief)
  • The Conflict (problems)

For the character or your customer to go on this journey, they must be separated from the world they are living in; within the hero's journey is where you will plant the journey of transformation. Through storytelling, you build rapport, reliability, and a roadmap all infused with a strong desire for attainable goals structured around conflicts.

Secrets #9 - Epiphany Bridge Script

Essentially, the epiphany bridge is the gap of relatability between you and the customer.

The epiphany bridge has 5 phases:

Phase #1 - Backstory

  • What's your story?
  • What was it (belief) that drove you? What achievement did you want?
  • What were your problems?

Phase #2 - Journey

  • What really drove you? Mother, father, sibling, an illness, charity, etc. . .
  • What elements were preventing you from moving forward? Yourself or others? etc...
  • What would happen if you never went through your hero's journey?

Phase #3 - "New Opportunities"

  • What inspired you or who inspired you?
  • What was your 'ah-ha' or epiphany moment?
  • What was it that you saw that made you want to push forward?

Phase #4 - Framework

  • What skills, strategies, etc... did you need to be able to achieve the level of success that you wanted?
  • What were your results?
  • What about others? Did you share with them about your "framework"? What benefits did they get?

Phase #5 - Achievements & Transformations

  • What were your achievements?
  • How much did you "transform" during your hero's journey?
Secrets #10- '4 Core Stories'

The purpose behind a core story is to break any false belief system or false stories they've believed for years, that your customer has. This is what is preventing all of them from moving forward. And it will be you who will inspire them to -"all on their own" - rewrite these false systems in their minds. Remember that "story" is just another word for strategy or method to use any of the 4 'core' stories to your advantage:

  • 1. The 'how I found the new opportunity and how much I wanted it, what it took, etc.
  • 2. How was I able to do this, to live this way, what strategies and lessons did I learn and applied to my life, and then, relate that to your customer base.
  • 3. How I actually overcome my lifelong - insert problem - e.g. my addiction and relate that whole story to your audience.
  • 4. Share an 'epiphany bridge' story with its own character, beliefs, problems, etc, and relate all of that to your customers.

To maintain your standing as the expert in your food. I advise you to collect all the fake beliefs of your customers and list solutions for each one along what list out the potential causes of how they developed those belief systems and then share stories with them that they can relate to and finally, find a way to incorporate your "epiphany bridge" story into each of these fake beliefs.

Section Three: "10x Secrets" to 1-to-Many Selling

In section 2, we discuss how you can go about creating your own thriving, loyal community with a particular focus on lifelong relationship building. In this section, you will discover how to sell 1 product to many. There are 5 secrets you must master to achieve this.

Secrets #11 - Perfect Webinar Framework

The perfect webinar has 3 parts. 

  • The Big Domino: your whole presentation is designed for one thing. It's to get them to believe that your 'new opportunity is the key they've been missing, it's what they want the most to get the result they desire.
  • The Three Secrets: share with your audience your framework - not teach, not how, only show the What - you will build their desire to know your How through your 'epiphany bridge' story, and lots of social proof or examples.
  • And finally, Stack and Closes: ask yourself, what can you use to help persuade these people to take action on your new opportunity?

The framework for a 90-minute webinar should look like this:

  • First 15 Minutes - Your Intro, The Big Domino, and Your Origin Story
  • Next 15 Minutes - The 1st Secret: your problems and skills you had to overcome and learn
  • Next 15 Minutes - The 2nd Secret: your 'epiphany bridge' story. Share and relate, how you discovered for yourself that it was possible and show how others have done the same
  • Next 15 Minutes - The 3rd Secret: share an 'epiphany bridge' story that relates to them that focuses on breaking their false beliefs. Show how this enemy in their head is what is preventing them from having the success they desire
  • The Last 30 Minutes - you 'Stack and Close'
Secrets #12 - The Big Domino

There's one big thing, a big domino, that you need to find in someone to get them to believe, to act with a fervent determination that no matter what. All obstacles are irrelevant. Once you find that One Big Thing, center your whole presentation from:

  • Your Title
  • Your Intro/Rapport
  • Your New Opportunity
  • Your Big Domino
  • Qualify Yourself
  • and finally, create your Origin 'Epiphany Bridge' Story
Secrets #13 - The 3 Secrets 

The 3 secrets or the 3 (false belief) reasons why nobody will buy from you:

  • 1. "I don't believe any of this." "How is this for me?" Answer: case studies.
  • 2. "I think this will help other people but not me." Answer: provide something specific to break down this lack of belief.
  • 3. "I know I can do this but there's this problem I have." Answer: cater your solution to show that this is easy. This will minimize their excuses.
Secrets #14 - Stack and Close

After all that you have done in your presentation. From all the tearing down of false belief systems, to your epiphany bridge story, and just how simple and relatively easy this is. The only thing your prospective customer will remember is the very last thing that you show them. Use the entire Stack Slide before you even show the final offer.

Here's what can be found in the Stack Slide

  • Recap everything
  • Ask a question
  • What they're going to get
  • How your product will transform your customer's life
  • How your product solves their problem
  • Show just how much time your product will save them
  • Break false beliefs around product
  • Case studies
  • A blanket statement that this works for all
  • Destroy the number 1 reason people don't even get started
  • Show that you had only two choices
  • Show that the end result would be worth it
  • Exclusive price discount
  • Give them two choices
  • A guarantee
  • Urgency and Final Call to Action
Secrets #15 - Urgency, The Trial Closes

This is the part of the presentation where you persuade them to buy.

You lead them with a yes-only-answer type of questions, inching them closer and closer.

The most ideal time to use these trail closes is right after you have shared a success story or case study from especially one of your own students.


  • Is this all making sense?
  • Are you ready?
  • Isn't this cool?
  • Do you see yourself doing this?
  • Am I right?
  • and so on

Section Four: You Will Be Your 'Dream' Customer's Expert Guide

In section 3, you learned how to use a framework to build a positive belief system, how to destroy bad belief habits, and how to create a relatable 'epiphany bridge' story. In this section, you will learn how to be your 'dream' customer's expert guide. Because they find comfort in you, they're motivated by you, and they're excited to hear from you; you will be the #1 person they will turn for.

Secrets #16 - Test Your Presentation 'Live'

This is where you create your presentation one video at a time and then later promote the reply. Over time, your list of webinars will grow, and maybe if you get even conversion, you can join ClickFunnel's two-comma join.

Here's how the format is usually laid out:

  • Starting with an 'Intro Video' opt-in page and then casually hosting a live webinar from Monday to Thursday.
  • Friday to Sunday, you're promoting the reply to this webinar.

You just cycle this process over and over again, until you have an email list so long even Santa Klaus would be jealous of you. Don't forget, the list is the ultimate secret. Grow it, take care of it and you will always have money.

Secrets #17 - Your "Perfect Webinar" Shortcut

If you're in a rush and short on time, you can prepare your own "Perfect Webinar" under 15 minutes.

Just answer the following:

  • Question 1: what's your 'new opportunity (belief)' and how do you re-package it?
  • Question 2: what's the One Big Domino (problem)?
  • Question 3: what's a good origin 'epiphany bridge' story to use?
  • Question 4: what are my 3 secrets?
  • Question 5: how do I 'stack and close' properly to increase my conversions?

Secrets #18 - 5 Minute 'Perfect' Webinar

Like with secret #17, you can make a much shorter webinar. Yes, it is possible to cut this down to just 5 minutes. Imagine, the perfect 5-minute webinar. Isn't that amazing? Just 5 minutes and you could be making money right now.

Secrets #19 - Plugging the "Expert Secrets" and utilizing them in Your Value Ladder

By this point, you would've become a master at storytelling. You will know how to combine every single bit of knowledge to your advantage. How to be relatable. How to talk, down-to-earth. You're approachable and many more. You will be able to apply all of this to your dream customers.

Expert Secrets: what makes it great?

  • 1. Provides detailed instructions: even if you have never done this before. The sheer amount of clear information found in this book is enough for a complete beginner to make a difference.
  • 2. Provides detailed scripts, strategies, and multiple lessons: making sure you have everything you need. Russell gives you detailed scripts you can use and easily modify to fit your brand and nice along with multiple strategies and lessons to get you moving forward.
  • 3. Get Results Fast: what's in this book works. The hundreds to thousands of entrepreneurs who have read Russell Brunson's book have had their lives transformed.
  • 4. Excellent for Marketers: with the sheer executable information found in this book, that's all easy to do, easy to understand, efficient, and best of all, low cow. Russell has literally given you and me 10 years of expertise in this book.

For a small shipping fee, all the expert secrets can be yours.

Expert Secrets: what makes it NOT great

  • 1. Technical: the book is one of ClickFunnels' products. You inevitably will be redirected to ClickFunnels which can be very technical and overwhelming, especially for a beginner.
  • 2. Real Experience: the vast majority of tactics and strategies found in this book work. A complete novice, with absolutely 0 business experience and/or sales experience might find it hard to relate to this.
  • 3. No Guarantees: yes, they work. The strategies and tactics work. But it does not guarantee a success rate of 100%. You are still prone to failures but as any experienced entrepreneur would tell you. "Toughen up. It's a cruel world out there."

Expert Secrets: Still Relevant even though it's 2022?

Yes. A big, definite yes. The strategies, the skills, the concepts, the ideas, and the scripts are all based on real-life experiences. The psychology behind them is just as relevant today as they were about half a decade ago.

Listen, human psychology rarely changes. It's so deeply ingrained in all of us. This is why, this whole "tribe" movement, that you're part of a "tribe" is really big in social media nowadays is because as part of our DNA. We were once nomadic and a "tribe" is what kept us safe and protected.

Expert Secrets: What Benefits do You Get?

Listen, you are amazing. Do you know why? Because you're still here, reading this! This is a very simple but powerful proof that you have great potential. The knowledge that is found in this book can easily be exploited by you, all for your benefit. Remember, you're getting 10 years of expert experience from Russell Brunson in this book. Imagine, 10 years of expert experience in this relatively small book. Isn't that incredible?

The 7 benefits you get from reading Expert Secrets: 

  • Expert Knowledge & Skills: even as a novice, you are given everything you need to succeed from choosing a product, to picking which photographer to use and so on.
  • Down-to-Earth Framework: easy to understand and easy-to-do framework in helping you achieve your goals and your ambitions, turning your ideas into a possible reality.
  • Get Customers: a common problem with business owners, getting more customers. Well, this book will teach you how to find, reach out, build, and thrive with a community.
  • Great Niche Insight: whether you're in one of the top 3 core markets or you're in a niche without a lot of competition expect people finding you then you're in luck because this book provides great insight as to how you can find more people.
  • Battle-Hardened: proven in battle or in rejections and failures. This book provides you with helpful tactics to overcome failures in sales or rejections. When applied correctly, it can drastically increase profits.
  • Leadership: this book provides great valuable lessons when handling complicated and difficult situations as well as honing your skills as an executive.
  • Progress: without a doubt, this strategy, the tactics, and the scripts, all found in this book will have a significant 'impact' on your life and career.

What are the Differences between Traffic Secrets vs Expert Secrets vs Dotcom Secrets?

  • Dotcom Secrets: teaches marketers how to build sales funnels online
  • Expert Secrets: teaches the air of conversion, reliability, and being a customer's expert guide
  • Traffic Secrets: teaches marketers evergreen strategies for continuous traffic to their funnels

Each of these books covers a particular subset of skills that a marketer needs. It is recommended that to be an expert marketer that you read all three of these and incorporate all the strategies and tactics found in them.

How much is Russell Brunson's book, Expert Secrets?

The price will change, every now and then, but generally speaking, whether we're talking traditional paper books or E-books. The price is roughly $15-$20 for the physical paper book and for E-books, it's usually half even the audiobook version is half the price of the physical edition.

However, if you want to get Expert Secrets WITH A 600$+ BONUS all for FREE. Buy it straight from the author at - just pay for shipping, $10 local, and $20 international.

Bonuses for Buying Expert Secrets at 

  • Expert Evolution: Russell Brunson's Presentation live at 'Funnel Hacking Live'
  • Hook, Story, & Offer Video Training Program
  • How to Create The Perfect 5-Minute Webinar
  • Perfect Webinar Slides
  • 30-Day Challenge of Expert Secrets Strategies & Tactics

Expert Secrets: Legit or Scam?

Definitely, not a scam. It's legit.

You have access to well over a decade of expert experience from Russell Brunson himself from his scripts, his strategies, and tactics but if this book is so valuable. . . why make it free at

The truth is simple. Expert Secrets is one of ClickFunnel's products. It's part of their ecosystem which basically means, it is inevitable that eventually, you will be forced to use their software to proceed further.

This is how they make money. They give you a great, phenomenal book for free and later, hook you in to use their SaaS software (ClickFunnels) to create the funnels that Russell has been talking about.

What about Expert Secrets' Upsells? 

  • The Audiobook version, that's $37
  • Live Event videos (replays), that's $97
  • Funnel University, that's $197
  • Pack for Funnel Accelerator Action, that's $297. Included are:
  • A Training Challenge called One Funnel Away
  • Funnelology Masterclass
  • Box Set for Russell's Secrets Trilogy
  • A Toolkit for their Ultimate Video Marketing, that's $197

The total amount is: $825

Reviews of Expert Secrets: Negative & Positive

If we take a look at the current 1,390+ reviews on Amazon, we can see that ratings to be:

  • 78% have voted 5 stars
  • 11% have voted 4 stars
  • 7% have voted 3 stars
  • 2% have voted 2 stars
  • 2% have voted 1 star

The overwhelming majority voted to have a positive experience with owning his masterclass of a book while thought it was over-hype and failed their expectations.

Personally, I have learned so much from this book that I happily incorporate it into my own business.

I, along with 78% majority all say this is an incredibly insightful book. An easy, relatable read. It's a definite, must-own for any marketer and business leader.

Get It for Free: visit


In-Depth Review - Russel Brunson's Expert Secrets

There's never been a book that I've taken so many notes from and highlighted so many sentences and paragraphs. This is one of my favorite books I like to ponder and go over, again and again. Every time I go back to it, I always learn something new I can incorporate into my business.

There is no doubt that you will learn from Russell's extensive 10+ years of expertise on how to create and build a thriving community more effectively and teach them your frameworks in a simple and relatable manner most importantly, this teaches you how to attract your "dream" customer in any of the 3 core markets.

Whether you're someone new or you're a leader in your organization, this book is what you need to move your organization forward, especially in terms of building rapport with your audience. I promise the strategies and tactics found in this book, once incorporated into your own field, will greatly impact your organization in a way never seen before.

I recommend this fantastic book. It is filled with so many valuable insights and strategies. A treasure trove of knowledge and experience just waiting to be exploited.

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