Facebook Group Training Leads To ACTION & Team Growth!

Facebook group training is an effective training technique because it appeals to ALL learning styles!

Let’s customize a Facebook training series for your team! Facebook Group Training

Deb Bixler combines her party plan expertise with success strategies and best business practices that she used in her corporate career. With a focus on the 21st century distributor needs, she provides training for all personalities.

Facebook Group Training Events

What problem can we solve for you and your team?

Recruiting, Lead Generation AKA Bookings, Vendor Events, Party Organization, Host Coaching, Leadership Development and more!

  1. Pick a month-long training topic.
  2. Create a closed Facebook Group
  3. Invite your team.
  4. Make Deb co-admin and turn the reins over!
  5. From there it is auto-pilot for you!

Your team will receive live events, audio, video, downloads, supportive reading blog posts, action steps, note guides and LOTS of engagement throughout the month on your selected topic all within the all-important Facebook group. The videos and audios are yours to use in the future. The group with all the content is yours to access for as long as you choose.

Deb will manage the group, show up every day to reply and answer questions and be an active participant for the full month.

Your job as a leader is to watch, engage and add value to what Deb posts!


Sandy Parkey, Pink Zebra

Thank you, Deb! I am totally changing the way I approach sponsoring! I now make my goal to share the business with at least 10 people a month and to not box them into a month!! And guess what happened? I’ve sponsored two new people into the business this month! I love this training so much! Thanks, Deb!!

Karlene Robertson, Norwex

Hi Deb!! Your training has me so excited about the future of my business!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found your training! I just purchased it this past week and have already implemented some of the things from the first two trainings.

What sets your training apart from others that I have listened to is that you share what we should do step by step and tell us a specific result that we will see when we do that step. I have found other trainings to be vague about what to do and why. You are very specific and detailed with the what and the why.

Jennifer Voss, Thirty-One

This was a great decision on my part! I learn something daily! Daily! Knowledge is key! Thank you Deb!
Fifteen leaders and top performers from my Thirty-One team just completed Deb’s Direct Sales Recruiting University Facebook training series, and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Everyone has expressed a renewed interested in recruiting and moving up the career path, and it has ignited a spark in my team I have never seen before.

Teresa Douglas, Make Today Matter

I have enjoyed all the classes and have learned so many ACTION steps my business is on a new path! This has turned my personal business and team around. We have a renewed faith in achieving goals!

Other Comments From Participants In Facebook Group Training Event

Love love love your training!! I have learned more than I can put in words!


I cannot Express how grateful I am for this training. Already seeing changes. Thank you Deb Bixler!


This is so awesome, Great training! , I’ve never heard of this one. I feel like a sponge and hoping to soak all of this incredible information up and put it in action. Thank you Deb for the knowledge your sharing with us, love ya lady, what an incredible gift you are giving all of us.

Karen :

Thanks hope to listen to this today. The first one sure helped me at my vendor show this past weekend Deb.


Deb, I love your program! Thank you so much for doing this! I am learning a ton.


So glad we can listen multiple times! So much info!


I love this advice, what a great way to check out the event and make an informed decision so that your time and money pays off.


Love this: “As a leader your number one focus in team training should be lead generation!” I’ve struggled forever with wherrrrrre to focus. That’s great!!


I felt like I needed to go live and shout from the rooftop after the call! Awesome


I love this! My husband read it and told me I was doomed to failure!! I asked why would you say something like that? He told me I was so Southern, it takes me 10 seconds just to say hello!?I realized I can do the 10 second rule and have fun in the process! My husband is so supportive. I am so extremely blessed!


I love this! I could absolutely use more of what I am learning here in my every day life not just my business?



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