Plan A Progressive Party To Fill A Slow Month

A progressive party treasure chest is fun and guaranteed to fill your calendar in those slow and hard to fill months. Learn how to fill any month!

Types Of Parties: Avenue Of Bookings

The Avenue Of Bookings
Deb Bixler shares how you can use The Avenue Of Bookings to fill your calendar by appealing to more personalities with different home party formats.

One-On-One Coaching Requires 2

one-one-one coaching
Learn what do do as a leader conducting one-on-one coaching when your team member does not participate in the one on one mentoring.

A Purple Cow = Direct Selling Marketing Technique

direct selling marketing
When you put this direct selling marketing strategy into action in your business you will attract more business than you can handle. Become a Purple Cow!

Spring Flowers Game For Parties

Spring flowers game
Learn how to play the Spring Flowers game get more party bookings. A great Show to play in the Spring!

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