Spring Party Themes Create Urgency!

Plan Spring Party Themes to establish urgency for picking a date. Everyone will want to book a party with you for a limited time only theme!

Market Your Brand Not The Company’s

When you Market Your Brand instead of the corporate brand you will start to get the results you want! Ideal customers and a growing team will be yours!

Write Direct Sales Business Plan

How To Write A Business Plan
Listen to a FREE recording on writing a direct sales business plan for your home business and turn your business into a cash generator.

Holiday Sales Tips To Rocket Into The New Year

ideal schedule
These holiday sales tips are will ensure that your business starts with a bang in the New Year. Keep your business strong by working it over the holidays!

Fill Income Gap December – January

after holiday sales
Learn what you can do to fill that income gap over the holidays. Don't just sit back... take action and keep the cash flowing during the holiday down time.

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