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Funnel Scripts from Clickfunnels Reviewed: Free Trial, Price, and Many More

Funnel Scripts is probably the quickest and best way to create high-converting content for your business's sales funnel. Written by entrepreneurs who are pioneers in copywriting and sales funnel, these scripts can help you create the ultimate copy that works wonders in all stages of your sale funnel. In addition, you get everything that you want in just 10 minutes. The price for this incredible software is $797.

You can watch the demo here.

No wonder, tools used to create content are becoming popular in recent years because they help marketers to reduce a significant amount of time when it comes to producing content.

Therefore, it depends on your specific purpose for what you need the tool. However, there is no shortage of such software and they are readily available on the market as well. But the question is which one would work best for you. In short, how would the software go with what you are building?

To help you out on that, this post reviews Funnel Scripts from Clickfunnels. You would get to know more about this popular tool through an in-depth analysis. Also, you would know how this tool has helped marketers to generate effective and engaging copy scripts for their sales funnels.

The best part is that everything gets done fast without the least effort. Here are some important questions about Funnel Scripts that would be addressed in this post.

  • Is the software worth your time or just another hype?
  • What are the scripts included in this tool?
  • How much do Funnel Scripts cost?
  • How can you get the software without any cost?
  • Do Funnel Scripts include a trial version? If so, how can you use it?
  • Can Funnel Scripts replace copywriters?

Whatever your questions regarding Funnel Scripts, you would get the answers in this post. Therefore, ensure that you read the detailed review of this amazing software from start to end. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to use Funnel Scripts. Let's get straight to the point.

What exactly is Funnel Scripts?

To begin with, Funnel Scripts is a unique tool that helps you to create content. The software is developed by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson. This tool is designed specifically for marketers to help them generate copywriting scripts that convert during every stage of your sales funnel faster than they used to earlier.

With the introduction of Funnel Scripts, it became the ultimate tool for online marketers. Apart from being a savior, the software gives you efficient and quick conversion copy enough to attract potent customers. Besides, Funnel Scripts helps you to convert and manipulate certain actions as well.

As it appears from customer reviews, Funnel Scripts is quite a hit among marketers. Without spending a lot of money to hire copywriters, you can use Funnel Scripts to create Copy intended for your targeted market, product issues, and customer needs.

Why you should use Funnel Scripts to create copies for your sales funnel?

"An impressive sales letter is what you need to get rich." - Gary Halbert

No doubt, a sales copy is an integral part of your online business regardless of whether you are writing blog posts, posting on social media, presentations, video scripts, sales letters, etc.

One of the biggest problems that every marketer faces when they are creating a sales funnel is that they have to spend several weeks or even months creating an irresistible offer, landing pages, and follow-ups through emails.

Despite all the efforts, the result is that the sales funnel isn't working as you have imagined.

However, the main reason why the sales funnel isn't converting is because of the funnel page design or framework.

And, this is because your sales copy fails to create an impact on the users.

"A poorly-structured website performs better because of a great copy than a good-looking website filled with crummy content." - Jim Edwards

Therefore, the standard and best solution for digital marketers is to -

  • Hire exceptional copywriters
  • Spend adequate time learning copywriting

However, this is something that every marketer does especially in the beginning. But certain issues come with it.

1. It is expensive to hire a professional writer 

There is no denying that a good copywriter brings value and power to your online business. That's because they have the experience and right skills for this specific purpose.

However, the only problem with them is the amount they charge. Keep in your mind that the cost of hiring an SEO expert differs from the one that produces impressive sales copies.

Hiring a copywriter on to write impressive sales copy can cost you anywhere between $50 and $85. Besides, it isn't the price for the whole project. The normal length for a sales page could be 1000 to 3000 words. And, some landing pages would be higher.

That way, you have to pay a minimum of $600 to create a unique �one-page' sales copy.

In addition, processes on other marketplaces like Fiverr are almost similar.

Apart from that, with plenty of options to choose from, it is challenging for you to find out the right one. You have to spend some time experimenting with the services before hiring the one for your specific needs.

2. Copywriting is hard to learn

Copywriting requires years of practice to master. Hence, you should spend a considerable amount of time practicing the skill so that it can take you to new heights. You can learn copywriting from resources such as courses and books.

These resources can help you change the voice or use unique phrases that capture the attention of customers while making the massage engaging. But not everyone wishes to learn the technique.

Even I am one of many people who took many courses and have read books, yet can't write well. Therefore, these options don't work for me.

Although copywriting is a skill that's challenging to learn, you should manage time out of your schedule every day by investing in yourself. That way, you can make things smoother for you.

Now that you have understood the benefits of having a good sales copy along with the difficulties that online marketers face, here are some reasons why you should use Funnel Scripts.

  • The software helps you save lots of money when it comes to hiring writers
  • Even if you don't have copywriting skills, all you have to do is choose a template. Answer the questions and click the button. The software does the rest
  • If you are a good copywriter, Funnel Scripts can help you save a lot of time while creating the first draft. The only work left for you is to modify the content according to your needs and fix the grammar

Let's find out how the software improves your online visibility.

How do Funnel Scripts work?

You can find two sections on the left menu.

  • The navigation menu consists of training, bonuses, and other important links
  • The sales script template gives you access to more than sixty copywriting scripts to help you create the sales funnel

When you choose any of them, it redirects you to another page for a specific script. For example, I choose Conversion Ad Script in this case. You can find a video tutorial about using the script properly.

Follow the steps to find out how the software work.

Step 1

Complete the questions by filling in the blanks. You can find three sections here.

  • Directions - Steps to create a project for your business
  • Example Projects - They help you to answer every question the right way
  • Q&A Form - fill in the blanks with the correct answers. The software creates the content depending on the information entered

If you find it hard to answer these questions, the examples would guide you through the process one by one. Click on them and look at the examples.

Step 2

Next, tap on the �Build' option. This is where Funnel Scripts would write the sales copy for you. Besides, the tool gives you several results to choose from.

Step 3

The next step involves modifying and saving the project. After you have the drafts ready for your project, you can test the same. But, what if the results fail to satisfy you? Here is what you can do.

  • Choosing the blue text helps you to change the words automatically
  • Or, you can choose the black one that takes you to the section where you have answered questions. These would help you create a better copy

After the results satisfy you, continue with the following steps.

  • Click the shopping cart marked blue to save the clip
  • Click on the �Copy' option to make the text available anywhere to paste
  • Besides, you can choose the Project button to save it for later
  • Choose Get Results if you want to download it

Moreover, you should use a similar technique to create other kinds of copywriting scripts. Do you wish to see examples of copies generated by Funnel Scripts?

Looking for more samples? If you need more, I recommend you watch the demo of Funnel Scripts through this webinar.

Now that you know how this software work, let's go deep and find out the scripts that the tool provides.

Watch the demo video here

What copywriting scripts are there in the Funnel Scripts?

Typically, Funnel Scripts consist of more than 60 scripts spread across different categories. That way, you can choose the right one tailored to your needs.

Downloadable Wizards

This is one of my favorite features in Funnel Scripts. It makes writing copies easy for me. You can have access to 6 different wizard scripts.

  • Masterclass Wizard
  • Easy Survey Script
  • VSL Wizard
  • Star Story Solution Script
  • Facebook and Podcast Live Wizard
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard

If you ever watched the webinars of Russell Brunson you may find out that he uses a similar formula in almost every presentation. And, he used the same script at the 10X Growth Conference held in 2018. The conference helped him generate 3 million dollars in sales.

This is the so-called Perfect Webinar Script. The best part is that it is shared in both PWS training and Expert Secrets book.

Previously, marketers have to spend several weeks creating their presentations. But when you use the Perfect Webinar Wizard, everything gets done within a few hours.

Advertising Scripts

Have you ever struggled when it comes to writing an ad? If so, Advertising Scripts can help you come out of this situation with the least effort. Advertising Scripts are a handy tool that allows you to create impressive, compelling, and engaging ad copies.

As such, it boosts conversion rates while increasing your sales online to a great extent. It doesn't matter where you placed your ad or what type it is, this tool works wonders for your online business. Some of the features include the following.

  • PPC Ad Scripts
  • Conversion Ad Scripts
  • Facebook Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts
  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts

Bullet Scripts

If you are running an online business, chances are that you have faced a situation million times where you need to create attractive bullet points.

Considered an integral part of sales copy or marketing, bullet points help your readers understand the important points of a service or product in the form of features, benefits, and so on.

Also, bullet points are helpful for people when it comes to scanning through chunks of information quickly and finding out what they are looking for. That's the reason why every writer for any business should know the art of writing them well.

Bullet Scripts help you to write the following.

  • FBM Bullet Script
  • Easy Avatar Bullet Scripts
  • Brunson Bullet Scripts

Testimonial or Case Studies Scripts

It is no surprise that about 92% of satisfied customers say that they strongly believe in word-of-mouth marketing. Customer testimonials and case studies are effective ways to build trust, provide social proof, and demonstrate expertise.

In addition, they are useful tools when it comes to increasing conversion rates. And, they do that by showing the details of how people can benefit from using their services or products.

Therefore, you can make good use of case studies of real people in certain places. Whether it is through squeeze pages, landing pages, or even blog posts, you can display what you can offer. In short, you can tell people why they should buy your services or products.

All you need is two scripts and you are done.

  • Million Dollar Testimonial Script
  • Case Study Script

Scripts for Content Creation

No wonder, you are looking for ways to generate interesting ideas to develop content to keep your targeted audience excited and engaged.

To help you out on this matter, Content Creation Scripts is the right solution for your online business. These scripts help you a lot, especially when it is about developing excellent and intuitive ideas.

As a result, your audience would be glued to your content and find it super exciting. They would like everything that you want to say. Hence, Funnel Scripts provides you with a variety of resources that helps you to create interesting content for your business.

  • Bio or About Me Page Script
  • Story Idea Script
  • Free Report Script
  • Decision Tree Script
  • The Framework Script
  • Conversion Starter Script
  • The Framework Script
  • Topic Ideas Seinfeld Email Script

Dotcom Secrets Script

As you know, Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson is a marvelous book that contains practical experiences about online business. Moreover, he was learning innovative techniques from internet marketers like Mark Joyner and following them.

As such, he spent a considerable amount of time developing and turning the concepts into pages and scripts. Next, he was testing these ideas to find out what was working for webinars, emails, landing pages, and so on. And, every detail was broken down into pieces for an easy understanding of the book Dotcom Secrets.

If you are yet to read this book, you can get it for free by clicking here.

The interesting part about these scripts that the author speaks about in his book is now turned into software that helps you create and execute the in a few minutes. Here is what you can expect from the scripts.

  • Lead Capture Script
  • Call to Action or CTA Script
  • Ecom or Amazon Script
  • Order Bump Script
  • Magic Bullet Script
  • Invitation to Live Event Scripts
  • Origin Story Script
  • Webinar Promotion Scripts
  • PPT Video Scripts
  • OTO Next Thing Script
  • Dine for You or OTO Coaching Script
  • Done With You Script
  • Sales Opener Question Scripts
  • OTO More Than What you Bought
  • How, Why, What, Who Script
  • Opt-in Webinar Script
  • Star Solution Story Scripts
  • Special Offers Script

Expert Secrets Script

When you are done reading the Expert Secrets book, you like to become an expert and have authority in the market as early as possible.

As such, you would want to build a list of followers, get hold of everything that would make you stay ahead of your competitors, build amazing sales letters so that you can connect with potential buyers and make them trust you with your product, and finally making the sale.

Jim Edwards relates everything that you have learned from his book and has turned the same into an intuitive Funnel Scripts feature that you can't afford to miss. The Expert Secrets Script allows you to execute the secrets that the author revealed in his book.

That way, you can see the results quickly unlike reading the book. Here is what you can expect inside this package.

  • Perfect Webinar 5-Minutes Wizard
  • Five Curiosity Hooks Scripts
  • Ask Campaign Scripts
  • The Big Domino
  • Epiphany Bridge Scripts
  • What, Who Statement Scripts

Email Scripts

Around 79% of online business owners, according to Forbes, say that email marketing is very important or important.

It is easy for anyone to use the same email and send it to their potential customers repeatedly. Or, even worse, you send something irrelevant because you are not sure how to convey your message.

However, things could change for good and you don't have to worry much about it. With Email Scripts, you can write any kind of email intended for your sales funnel. This script contains the following.

  • Email Copy Generator
  • Follow-Up Email Automated Scripts
  • Email Abandoned Cart Scripts
  • Tweet and Fast Teaser Scripts
  • Subject Line for Emails Script
  • Request Email Sequence for Free Info
  • Invitation for Live Events Script
  • Email Scripts for Product Launch
  • Email Onboarding Sequence
  • Follow-Up for Webinars Script
  • Request for Testimony Email Script
  • Webinar promotion Scripts

Masterclass or Mastermind Scripts

Whenever you are finding it hard to write sales copy for your listing websites, these scripts can work wonders by helping you to get everything done as soon as possible. Whether you are selling courses, masterclasses, or masterminds, this tool helps you a lot.

  • Promo Video for Masterclass Script
  • Short Mastermind Descriptions
  • Keyword Specific Mastermind Titles
  • Short Mastermind Descriptions

Scripts on One Funnel Away

If you want to create a marketing funnel for your business superfast even though you are having experience or are a beginner, One Funnel Away Challenge should get you what you need.

I saw a lot of people who started the challenge with high hopes and a lot of enthusiasm only to stop after some time because they found it too hard to write impressive sales copy.

Honestly speaking, Russell Brunson has shared everything that you should know about writing good sales scripts through his training and they are easy to understand as well. Russell gives you plenty of resources, everyday tasks, and consultant calls in real-time. All these things are amazing.

Not every internet marketer knows how to craft sales copies that are engaging even after learning them many times or reading books from renowned authors. In short, they can't write good pieces.

However, the only effective solution for them is to get One Funnel Away Script. This script allows you to create the following with ease.

  • Headline
  • One-Time-Offer or OTO copy
  • Email follow-up
  • Core sales copy
  • Story
  • Hook
  • Offer
  • The whole sales funnel copy

Hence, everything becomes more efficient regardless of what you are selling.

Video Scripts & Sales Copy

About 93% of digital marketers believe that videos are essential. If you go through the websites of these marketing experts, you would find out that they use video on their landing page.

No doubt, videos are powerful tools that help you grab the attention of your prospective customers and engage them. As such, it increases your conversion rates. But things won't work in your favor if you end up doing things incorrectly.

Hence, focusing on how to make the videos work for you rather than wondering if things go wrong helps you to understand the benefits that videos provide in clearer terms.

However, the only thing you should put your heart and soul into is the video's script. And, this is where Funnel Scripts comes to your rescue. It gives you resources to make high-converting sales letters and video scripts fast.

So, everything that you need for your video scripts or sales copy falls under this category. Here are some of the amazing features you might be interested in.

  • Order Bump Script
  • VSL Mega Script
  • Sales Letter Mega Script
  • Invitation to Live Events Scripts
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Dynamic Stack Script
  • Done for you / OTO Coaching Script
  • Opt-in PPT Video Scripts
  • Opt-in Webinar Script
  • Sales Opener Question Scripts
  • Webinar Promotion Scripts

Sales Letter Script

Nothing could beat the old marketing tactic of the sales letter. Previously, it was nothing but a piece of email created to persuade potent customers directly into buying your services or products.

These days, you can find them appear on almost every sales page. The best part is that these sales letters are equally effective even if you don't have images or other media. But copywriters should have enough skill to make the piece more interesting so that it can fulfill what the readers want.

Of course, the things that you need are made accessible through Funnel Scripts. Here's what you get with this package.

  • Sales Letter Short Script
  • Sales Letter PPT Video Scripts
  • VSL Mega Script
  • Sales Letter Mega Script
  • Sales Letter Long Form Scripts

"You should write amazing headlines. It is the first skill that every marketer should develop regardless of what you are selling and to whom." - Jim Edwards

Only an amazing headline can target the right audience, grab their attention, make them watch your video, check the sales copy, etc.

In a nutshell, if you are having an impressive headline, you would achieve great results. And, Funnel Scripts allows you to access different types of headlines along with title templates. As a result, you can create plenty of them within minutes and start testing the scripts.

  • Core Title Script
  • Core Headline Script
  • Subject Line for Email Scripts
  • Profitable Title Script
  • Dirty Little Secret Scripts
  • Killer Headline Script
  • Sales Headline Script
  • Content Headline Script
  • Perfect Webinar Secrets and Titles
  • Timeless Headline Classic Script
  • Short Headline Script

Bonuses: Funnel Scripts

Here are the fantastic bonuses that you can get today with Funnel Scripts.

1. Copywriting Secrets Bonus Training

Many marketers believe that Funnel Scripts come with too much information. You may be overwhelmed when you get started but find it hard to know how it functions.

However, you don't have to wonder because the software provides you with important training that helps you understand the tool and how it works. As such, you find it easy to run your business. Here is some training that you may find interesting.

  • Funnel Fridays
  • Masterclass on Copywriting Secrets
  • Tips Show on Funnel Scripts
  • Live Podcast Funnel Scripts

Apart from this, you can avail of monthly coaching from Jim. That way, you can stay updated on the latest tips while finding out what works best these days. Besides, the previous training replays are available for free so that you don't have to miss important tips or lessons.

2. 5 Best-Performing Funnels 

You get to know the 5 best performing funnels that help you to pre-build and design your pages in Clickfunnels. All you need to do is download it to verify your account and customize it according to your company's needs. The funnels include the following.

  • Sales Funnel - It's an important funnel that helps you sell course training, service, product, etc.
  • Webinar Funnel - You can use it to promote recorded or live webinars
  • Invisible Funnel - You can promote web classes or live coaching through this funnel
  • Opt-in Funnel - This simple funnel helps you create more leads online
  • Free and Shipping Funnel - It's the same funnel that Russell Brunson used for his book promotion. You can promote tripwire products or books through this funnel

3. Funnel Scripts Blueprint

This blueprint contains 15 different slides from famous sales templates and shows you which script to use on your sales funnel page.

Therefore, when you need to create another one, just open the document and sort out things that work for your online business. It saves you many hours of research because everything is laid in front of you.

4. Inception Secrets

Are you looking for ways to improve your copywriting skills? If this is what you are planning, Inception Secrets is what you need at the earliest. This is where Russell teaches you about Storytelling and Copywriting.

After you master these skills, you can convince your customers to buy anything from you. Precisely, you help them get hooked to your concepts while making the sale easy for you.

Pricing: Funnel Scripts

Previously, the makers of Funnel Scripts used to charge $497 per year. However, Funnel Scripts cost $797 for lifetime access as of now. This one-time payment software allows you to use more than 60 scripts alongside training.

This is the right price if you consider what the company offers.

Also, the pricing might increase when they add more bonuses, training, and scripts.

Watch this webinar to get an idea of how the software helped Russell and Jim to grow their online business.

Click on this link to get your Funnel Scripts

How can you access the free trial of Funnel Scripts?

For some people, $797 is a lot of money. Therefore, a free trial can help you make the final decision whether or not to buy the product.

Funnel Scripts gives you two options to try it for free.

  • Amazing Headline Script Generating
  • Free level account on Funnel Scripts

Amazing Headline Script Generating 

Create interesting headlines by using this tool without any cost. Here are the steps you have to follow.

Access to a free level account on Funnel Scripts

If you think that the headline script generating isn't enough for you, try out something new with a free-level account on Funnel Scripts. Here is how to do that in the right way.

  • Step 1 - Join the lead challenge 5-day training free of cost by visiting the link here. You can skip this step if you are a member.
  • Step 2 - Put your eyes on the top portion and select the video that says �Day #3'.
  • Step 3 - Choose the option that says "Get Your Onepager Here"
  • Step 4 - When the page opens, choose "Tool #2: Funnel Scripts"
  • Step 5 - Choose the option that says "Create Your Free Account" and have that account free of cost.

The free account from Funnel Scripts provides you with a variety of features that helps you to create scripts. These are the scripts that Russell teaches you during the Lead Challenge 5-Day Course. As such, you can start generating your leads without delay.

You can have access to the following.

  • Core Headline Script
  • Content idea Scripts
  • Core Title Script
  • Product Specific Avatars
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Conversion Ad Scripts
  • Conversion Starter Scripts
  • Offer and Niche Detective Wizard
  • Lead Capture Scripts

Pros and Cons: Funnel Scripts


  • If you need to create any kind of script for your sales funnel within 10 minutes, Funnel Scripts is the way to go. Just fill in the blanks and hit the button.
  • The cost of hiring an expert copywriter a few times is equal to the cost of having lifetime access to Funnel Scripts.
  • Whatever you do within the software are proven templates for copywriting that is converted into the software. As such, it helps you generate the sales copy fast.


  • The cost of Funnel Scripts is $797 and many people can't afford it. However, if the company offer payments in two to three folds, many people can take the plunge.
  • Filling the blanks with anything irrelevant might result in the output. It doesn't matter what tool you are using, you should spend a considerable amount of time working on it especially if you are a beginner.

What happens if you don't see results coming?

Funnel Scripts offers you a money-back guarantee for 30 days if it fails to satisfy you. Contact support to request a refund within these days.

Is learning copywriting necessary even after having Funnel Scripts?

You don't need to learn to Copywrite. Still, I insist that you learn the same if possible. Here are some reasons.

  • The content that the software generates depends on your input. It means that there is no way to find out whether or not it is a great copy. A little knowledge is needed.
  • If you need to tweak the content a bit, copywriting can help you.

Although tools make things easier but they can't replace real people.

Alternatives for Funnel Scripts

The best alternatives for Funnel Scripts are the software that helps to create content and there are many on the internet. Check out some of the popular tools to do the task.

Funnel Scripts vs other writing tools: What's the difference?

Every tool comes with its pros and cons depending on how an individual uses them. These days, there is no shortage of software and tools that can help you to write sales letters, ads, headlines, emails, and so on.

Besides, not each of them would serve the same purpose. And, the results would be different.

So, whenever you use software, keep in your mind that they aren't inventing something new each time. They create content depending on proven tactics and formulas that work for top-notch copywriters like the ones mentioned below.

  • Headline formula
  • Bullet points formula
  • PAS framework
  • AIDA framework
  • And, many more

Hence, the copywriting formula from expert copywriters is translated into tools and software. As such, the tool gives you different results depending on specific formulas that it utilizes to generate the content.

Suppose, if you use Jasper and Funnel Scripts to build an email, the results would be different because they are completely different from each other.

The bottom line is that Funnel Scripts helps you fulfill the sales funnel alongside copywriting scripts. And, they are based on the teachings of Russell Brunson from his books. Because Russell is a professional in the area of sales funnel, Funnel Scripts is worth it. However, it doesn't help you to create blog posts. Whereas, Jasper can help you with that.

When is Funnel Scripts right for you?

This tool should be the right choice for marketers who -

  • Doesn't want to write sales copy
  • Want copywriting scripts that have high conversion rates
  • Doesn't want to learn copywriting
  • Don't want to work with expensive copywriters
  • Doesn't know how to organize every page of their sales funnel
  • Want an easy and cheap way to create a copy for their webinars

And, when it is not?

It is unwise to buy the package if an individual -

  • Doesn't have $797
  • Is an expert copywriter and knows the sales formula
  • Can wait for long to write the sales copy


A great copy results in more clicks and converts your leads into customers. When you use Funnel Scripts, it gives you the ability to create impressive copies within 10 minutes. And, these sales copies work for marketing needs of every kind.

Furthermore, Funnel Scripts relies on reliable formulas to create sales copies. However, your knowledge and flexibility determine the overall quality of your content. With Funnel Scripts, it becomes easy for you to extract the perfect sales copy quickly.

Here is the video demo you can watch

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