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Direct Sales ToolsThe Cash Flow Show Website has hundreds of direct sales tools to assist the party plan consultant in growing her or his business and training the team.

Many of the tools discussed on this page have full articles elsewhere on the site with more information about their uses and benefits. Others are tools that we use daily or those developed by others.

These recommended direct sales tools have been tested and approved.

Approved Direct Sales Tools

Below you will find approved direct sales tools in 4 categories.

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Tools On The Cash Flow Show Website

Software & Online Direct Sales Tools

SmartPhone Apps We Like

Other Tools To Make Life Easier

The Cash Flow Show & Downloadable Direct Sales Tools

These are tools that are available on the Cash Flow Show website. Most are simple videos, recordings or direct sales tools in a download form to assist you in your training endeavors.

  • The Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio: The show airs 7 days a week around the world and is the most affordable party plan-specific training you could possibly get your team involved in. The home business radio show is FREE!
  • Direct Sales Training Videos: The Cash Flow Show website has many home party direct sales specific videos that are interspersed throughout the site.
  • Audio Recording Training Tools: The site also includes free home business training audio recordings that are up to an hour long.
  • Tap Into Your Warm Market: All direct sellers are instructed to contact all their friends and family when they first start their business. This article on how to tap into your warm market includes a worksheet to brainstorm that process.
  • Press Releases For Finding Business: Download a press release template that you can use for submitting your news to local or online media distributors.
  • Team Meeting Planning: Team retention depends on good team meetings. Download worksheets on networking icebreakers for team meeting planning and a meeting planning template that makes meeting planning a breeze.
  • Pyramid Selling Scams: This page on how to identify what is a pyramid scheme or selling scam includes a downloadable questionnaire to use when researching companies.
  • Start A Party Plan Business:  With a step-by-step guide on how to start a home party business, you can print or save a worksheet that will assist in asking the right questions when looking for a company that will match your personality.
  • Methods Of Direct Selling – Differences In Compensation Plans:  An often-asked question is “what are the differences in various comp plans?”  The definition found on this page is also a download that is easy to understand.

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Direct Sales Software Tools & Online Tools For Consultants

It can be very overwhelming when considering all the technology options available out there.

The scary thing about technology is that the more you learn, the more there is to learn.  Home party plan consultants are often slow adopters.

The newest tech things can help you to free up time so that you can do what sales is really all about: connecting to real people.

Just try one thing and get good at it and then add something new. This software has been tested and has received the Cash Flow Show stamp of approval!

  • We have looked at a lot of replicated website party plan software and have found that Easy Party Plan Software is the best way to go.

They have a has a affordable entry-level system for start-up companies that gives you the features and functionality that you need now, with the ability to add more as you grow.
Easy Party Plan Software

Easy Party Plan has everything it takes to get started and grow into the next direct sales success story!

We recommend a conversation with them BEFORE you start your website or sign on with another web software company.
Check out Easy Party Plan Software and tell them Deb sent you!

  • CinchShare has built in features that make it easy to look like a PRO while effortlessly launching a Facebook party!

We love CinchShare because of the ease in which you can create professional images to share in Facebook.

CinchShare has many built in tools specific to the direct sales industry and the ‘reschedule history’ feature gives you the ability to create a Facebook party and use it over and over again.

This CinchShare coupon code [ debcinchfree ] will give you a month free instead of their normal 7 days.

The use of a scheduling service when presenting virtual parties frees you up for engagement with your guests and also makes the event easier to repeat!

  • Client Angel:

The Client Angel enables you to store and manage your customer information, track sales, create and manage events, and maintain reminders all in one database.
Client Angel
It is a contact management system specific to party plan consultants. The software is programmed with home party plan reminders for hostess coaching, recruiting, party dates, etc. It is the only contact management system of its kind and can be modified with reminders that you prefer.

Listen to Jennifer Fitzgerald, the creator of Client Angel share about follow up on the radio and learn why you should have a system for contact management or visit

  • MyNewsletterBuilder:

Email marketing is an essential component of any business. Not all email marketing programs are direct sales friendly! MNB is the one that Deb Bixler uses and comes highly recommended as a user-friendly and direct sales-friendly system of emailing your guests, hosts and clients. If you are still emailing your lists from your own computer you should really reconsider that before you get labeled as a spammer.

Sign up for your 30-day free trial at

  • Audio Generator:

I love this service and have been using it for years. You will see many online audio services but this one is affordable and easy to use.

The online audio generator makes it simple to send music, training messages or “infomercials” by email. You can post testimonials on your website, or add free training to your blog.  The audio generator is the tool I use to create talking e-books.

  • Google calendar:

There are many online calendars but Google calendar comes to mind first. Google has many features. If you use an Android it is a simple way to keep track of your daily activities both in the office and on the road as they auto-synch no matter where you edit them.

  • WordPress Blogging Platform:

If you are not blogging yet and are thinking about it, then you may want to read why you should be a Party Plan Blogger!

When you do decide to get involved in blogging, make absolutely certain you use WordPress! It is user-friendly and does well in the search engines! If you use MyNewsletterBuilder then you know how to edit in WordPress!

SmartPhone Apps For Direct Sales

Approved Direct Sales Tools
The Smartphone is a blessing to small business owners who are constantly on the road.

Have you developed your own party plan app? Send us an email and we will check it out!

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  • MyConsultant:

An order calculating app that makes on the run order-taking a breeze. It has the ability to program tax, shipping and specials that may be specific to your company.

If your company does not provide software for data entry at your party then this IS a MUST have item.
Visit MyConsultant in your market place to download it.

  • Tax Recruiting Tool:

The Tax Recruiting App is a web based app recruiting tool that makes sharing your direct sales business opportunity a snap! Lead with the tax savings rather than the business opportunity.
tax recruiting direct sales tool
Read more on the Cash Flow Show Blog about recruiting by leading with the tax savings or visit to try it out.

  • Pocket Parties:

Pocket Parties has every tool you need right by your side. A mobile app designed with the business of direct selling in your pocket. Only available on the iPhone it literally puts a party in your pocket!pocket parties

Pocket Parties starts with a simple calculator for quick discounts, shipping, and taxing on any amount. There is a to-do list for those quick things that need to be done. There is a place where you can quickly communicate on your Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as send group emails or text messages to some or all your clients.

It is easy to load up your clients information, including their Facebook and Twitter pages. Pocket Parties can track shipping, inventory, keep track of birthdays and so much more.

Visit Pocket Parties or find it in your SmartPhone market.

  • Mileage Trackers:

Mileage can become one of the biggest lost tax deductions that a direct sales consultant forgets to take advantage of. The process of developing a mileage log, filling it out every time you get in the car and then remembering to include it in your tax filings can be cumbersome. There are 2 mileage trackers that we like.

MyMileage and Inconosys Trip Tracker are both found in your phone’s marketplace.

They use GPS to help small business owners track mileage and create useful tax reports.When you get in your car, you just plug it in to let the app know that you will be accruing business miles and it will automatically track the miles for you. The app then creates reports that can be used to establish your business activity for the home office deduction.

Read more about direct selling tax deductions.

Other Direct Sales Tools We Love

Time ManagementTime is a valuable resource, so picking tools to enhance your business and make the best use of your time is essential.

While sometimes the learning curve on new systems seems as though time is being wasted, the end savings in time (which is more valuable than money) is worth it. The time invested in learning how to use them pays off in the long run!

These are a few more of the tools we use daily and recommend to direct sellers.


  • Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives

The book Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives by Karen Clark teaches ethical and effective online marketing.

We really love the fact that it is a REAL book and there will be more to come in the future as social media and technology changes.

Read the Cash Flow Show book review of Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives.

  • Vonage:

Everyone in business should be very ‘out there’ when it comes to people getting in touch with you!

Make sure your phone number is up front and find-able. You should be easy to reach! This is why Vonage is so great!

Get a Vonage number to publicize and have it forwarded into your personal number.  No one has to know your real number and you can feel comfortable putting your phone number online or on your catalogs.

If you enter my Vonage number when you enroll you will get some kind of a discount: 717-751-2793

  • Postcalls Messaging Service:

You know those automated calls you hate? Well, this is a service that provides them.

Automated calling does serve a purpose in direct sales occasionally and should be used carefully. The service saves time and effort if you want to do reminder phone calls to hosts or team members.

If you join online at make sure that you use discount referral code 8882295708 and also call or e-mail Kathie Davis for a discount on your first purchase or 1-888-229-5708

  • ThunderBird:

Thunderbird is an open source software and it is my email client of choice. I use it for my email inbox as well as a calendar for repeating events, birthdays and reminders of all kinds. Open source means that it is FREE!

Read more about other free home business software programs that do not require fees or licensing.

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