How To Get Bookings For Home Parties

One of the biggest challenges for distributors in party plan sales is how to get bookings for home parties.

There REALLY are UNLIMITED ways to find party bookings when a consultant is willing to take action and develop their skills. Don’t quit if you do not have enough bookings!!!

How To Get Bookings For Home Parties

The average sales rep does not want to be pushy and the reason that they feel that way is because most are desperate for party plan bookings and so are in fact pushy.

There is a TON of content on the Cash Flow Show site that teaches you how to get bookings for home parties.

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Don’t Practice Attack Marketing For Home Party Plan Bookings!

direct selling businessUh, OH! Here she comes!!

Do you feel like that is what people are saying as you arrive at gatherings?!

Direct sellers can practice attraction marketing or they can be attacking marketers!

Make this your new mantra:

Don’t Attack! ATTRACT!

The definition of attack is to: take aggressive action; act against (someone or something) aggressively in an attempt to injure or kill.

While we know that direct sellers are not out to kill, sometimes to the unsuspecting recipient it feels that way.

Attraction Marketing = Information

Attraction marketing is sharing information in a conversational manner that creates desire. It is something often discussed but rarely explained well.

Napoleon Hill
The only way under high heaven that you can get anyone to do anything that you want is to make them want to do it themselves.
Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich
Deb Bixler says:

You have to create desire!direct sales expert: Deb Bixler

The only way to create desire is to put out information that makes people want what you have.

This must be done in a conversational manner!

It is easy to do when you have a good understanding of why your business is the best thing since sliced bread!

Overcome Attack Marketing

If you feel like you are practicing attack marketing or maybe even guerrilla marketing then it is time to step back and study your technique!

Stop attacking! Start attracting!

This topic is discussed in great detail in the FREE Direct Sales Bookings University.

Say No To Bookings Bookings Bookings

party plan bookings
When you STOP saying BOOKINGS you will find more bookings!

Every home party plan sales consultant I ever met wants more bookings.

In my opinion, one reason that BOOKINGS is such a big issue for most sales consultants is the actual term, bookings.

What is a booking, anyway?

  • An invitation to someone’s home.
  • A scheduled show.
  • A home party.
  • A fun gathering.
  • A good time.
  • A get-together
Don’t they sound nice?

Booking is a technical term. It is not friendly, nor is it encouraging to the guest, the consultant or the future host.

It actually is sort of an insult that makes it more difficult to schedule shows.

The word BOOKINGS is a turn off!

How To Get Bookings For Home Parties = Say NO To Bookings!

Say NO to the word bookings!!Does the dentist say to you:

“I am going to extract your molar”?

No, he/she says:

“I am sorry to say this, but I am going to have to pull your back tooth.”

I am sure you won’t be any happier about the situation, yet you will feel better about your relationship with the dentist.

Sales is all about relationships. Eliminate the words BOOKINGS from your vocabulary and be a friend!
find more party plan bookings
To schedule more shows, stop saying things like this:

  • When you BOOK a show, you get this…
  • The host gets a XZY when she BOOKS 2 shows.
  • If you have three BOOKINGS you get a ……

Start using the phrases like this:

  • When you invite me to your home, we will….
  • When you schedule 2 shows at your show, my gift to you is…
  • Whose house should we get together at next month?

At first this will be difficult and with time it will become second nature.

Say NO to the word bookings and I bet you will see a difference in the number of shows you schedule.

The home party business is simple, so simple in fact that anyone who sets their mind to it can achieve success.

It is not necessarily easy!

Self-Perpetuating Party Business Can Happen

This video was recorded live at a Thirty-One home party regional training. The topic is how to create a self perpetuating business using theĀ sales funnel.

Most direct sellers quit before their business begins to self-perpetuate because they expected it to be easy!

It takes effort to make that happen!

The home party plan business model definitely works!

It will self-perpetuate when you:

  • Utilize several lead generation systems
Most party plan consultants set up a few shows with friends and family or other acquaintances, then expect that the people they meet at their first few home parties to fill in the gaps.

That is not enough! It takes a willingness to study how to find bookings for home parties as well as a wide variety of techniques to find party bookings.

  • Develop relationships and serve the public

Many home party consultants expect their friends, family and leads to do business with them rather than seeking out ways to serve them and establish customer loyalties. When used properly the sales funnel allows for both leads in and graduated level of relationship building.

Don’t Quit Before It Happens! There ARE Plenty Of Home Party Bookings!

Most new consultants join to succeed but the sad fact is that many don’t wait long enough for that to happen. When you take the time to study how to get bookings for home parties then you will achieve the success you deserve!

Team leaders: Share this page with your team! This is the exact link to share:

Teach your team how to fill their calendars with multiple lead generation systems to create a self perpetuating business and to use relationship building to enhance customer loyalty. They will never worry about where to find home party bookings again!
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